Zombie Commander: A Black Ops 3 Game Mode Idea


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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will have a zombies mode, and a probably a Grief mode, but why not take it one step further? What if you could command the zombies from your table or PC?
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  1. Two words, project viking. Google that custom map, and look at what custom gamemodes it had to offer. Specifically one extremely similar to what drift0r is talking about. Except it also has a few other cool implementations

  2. I have seen everyone of your Videos on BO2(maybe twice) one or two Ghosts, 4 or 5 AW.   Not because of you, but because of the Games…  Can't wait for BO3….You do great videos..hope the game lives up.

  3. Great vid.

    I'm looking for a clan/group of people to play with on Xbox one, add me, Redundantt16

    I'm down to play any game mode.

  4. So basically just ZombiiU from the Wii U? U spawn the types of zombies and have the tablet and everything.

  5. This could be a problem if the players controlling them aren't very co-operative in controlling them. Things like them not making any zombies, or spawning in places that aren't fair for the players. If you get rid of cheat spawns then the spawns will have to be preassigned, and it'd just be up to you to click which spawn you want them to spawn at, and what I described sounds kind of boring. But the boss zombie idea was a decent idea, maybe you can just join in a game whenever a boss spawns and once they kill you it'll just connect you to another match, only problem would be lag.

  6. I completely agree. It can be just like the normal mode but one player controls the boss zombies and the behavior of the hordes and has it's own level up system! That way the player can mess up the "trains" that makes zombies repetitive. The tablet idea from the other examples you mentioned will also give players a new and fun way of playing zombies with friends. I'm on board.

  7. How about surprise zombies rounds !! Example !! Regular rounds and then a round that zombies a bunch a zombies out the spawns spots at the same time !! And may big zombies

  8. they should make it like counter strike source zombies or cod 2 zombies (pc ofcourse) online, one or more persons get infected and they trie to kill the humans and so on. this is the best type of fun, competative and exciting zombies gameplay in my opinion

  9. I thought maxis gained control of the zombies? Buried was the last map in the story and maxis took over right?

  10. Sounds a lot like the game mode in zombie U where one player controls zombie spawns and another fights to survive.  Sounds like it a really good idea IMO and I'd like to see some variation of it on BLOPS 3.

  11. Why not keep it the same as before but not be limited to map are access. There are some areas in the map that you cant access due to barriers (like jail cells in mob of the dead). They should allow full access and exploration of the maps that are implemented in BO3. Also vaulting should be a thing in zombies. being unable to climb over sandbags is bulls**t

  12. You know, the Wii U has the Gamepad tablet, which would be a perfect way to control all the zombie hordes in real time!


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