Xbox Live Black Friday Game Sale – 600+ Deals, Up to 65% Off! WHAT IS WORTH BUYING!?


Microsoft’s huge Xbox Live Black Friday Game Sale 2019 is happening right now with up to 65% off 600+ Xbox One Digital games. I go through the entire list and point out what games are worth buying!


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  1. What are you buying during this Xbox Live Black Friday Deals?

    Sorry for the mic distortion. Not sure what happened there. I'll have it fixed for the next vid!

  2. Enjoyed your thoughts on the sale. Black desert isnt on Singapore marketplace sigh. BTW Sleeping Dogs is set is sort of GTA set in Hong Kong… Cheers

  3. Im a casual, played red dead 2 and loved that. Usually play sports games- but after some of these story reccomendations im hyped AF to play more such as metro exodus

  4. AC: Odyssey ULTIMATE EDITION for about $30 is a steal. Really good game and it even comes with AC III if you get the Ultimate Edition.

  5. Borderlands 3 was great I'm loving Code vein and Ghost recon breakpoint is pretty good too. And you can never go wrong with HITMAN!

  6. Witcher 3 coming to GP December 19. Killer Instinct is free but the better edition is on GP. A lot of these games is on GP easily forget to mention that. Shocked cod MW standard isnt on sale or FF games

  7. Oh I'm definitely coming back to the xbox family. I'm replacing my launch ps4 that was stolen and getting a Xbox one x. Let's go. I need something to play while I'm waiting for next years Xbox 2. 🔥🔥😎

  8. Microsoft: Game? DLC? Tomato tomato

    I wonder how many of these 650+ games were actually the same game with different editions and separate dlc packs. Cmon Microsoft.


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