WOT Blitz – T34-2G-FT Full Tank Review Tier 7 Chinese Tank Destroyer ||WOT Blitz||


Another solid TD in the Chinese line. The T34-2G FT packs a punch and is highly mobile which certainly helps it get around on the battlefield.

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  1. Here's just a quick comment. In general I don't see any of the tank the stores at all I ain't hardly even see them actually I don't see them at all in games not at tier 10 not at the any other tier.. I don't know what's going on nobody's paying attention to a Chinese line nor the Japanese everybody else has their focus on all the other lines but not the Chinese and not the Japanese line

  2. I had a match on the first map shown in the tier 6 TD and I got into a tier 8 match because of failed toon but the best part is that I finished top of the team in exp and I survived the game

  3. Brits TD are coming! And they look good. The 122 cal is troll, big alpha but big dispersion and slow velocity. That what chinese tanks get for copying the russians. Btw, better remove the "negative" when you mention the gun depression or else exchange the elevation with depression and say it both. You get what I mean ; P

  4. Nice review, would have liked a bit more detail on the armour though.
    Great games, especially the last one. Lucky last shot on that Churchill though, RNG could have ruined it. I would have gone further left to try and get a shot on him from beyond his spotting range.

  5. Tier 6,7 are great fun, but tier 8,9,10 as slow as hell, personally i suggest everyone dont go tier 8 and above..

  6. This tank is not formed long range snipe. I got the same prob as urs at the begin. It's middle range sniping is ok. And good at close battle(just dpm the enemies) with teammates. Sometimes u need to support mates abd sometimes u need to rush with them. Better with meds.

    Important is, use mobility and move a little more. And stay with team.


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