WORST Rappers in the Game? – Kodak Black (Episode 7)

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Hey guys!
So here is the seventh episode in my new series, Worst Rappers in the Game? And today’s episode will be on Kodak Black. To prepare for this video, I listened to 3 mixtapes; Heart of the Projects, Institution, & Lil Big Pac. Enjoy!

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– Anders Olesen

WRITG RANKING Best to Worst (Spoilers):
1 – Rae Sremmurd
2 – Lil Yachty
3 – Young Thug
4 – Desiigner
5 – Lil Uzi Vert
6 – 21 Savage
7 – Kodak Black


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  1. A lot of you guys requested this, hope you enjoy!
    Follow me on Twitter @cdtvproductions for regular updates, and also potentially album reviews in the form of Twitter videos!
    Also lemme know if the RateYourMusic page link works, as that's where I'll be putting my ranking list from now on!

  2. 100% disagree. Kodak is 🐐

  3. Kodak was done really dirty here yo


  5. why they gotta switch they flow? you bugging, Kodak spazz on a track he don't need no chorus no features.

  6. SHAKE BACK such pressure straight heat !

  7. He like 17-18 in those songs my guy feel that emotion in his voice

  8. You so trippin lmao Kodak spit straight pressure

  9. The comments make my head hurt

  10. This hurts worse after how higher ratings you gave gunna 😭

  11. his voice is really annoying, but on a few tracks he’s really speaking truth and he’s actually very intelligent

  12. This guys if fucked, the more I watch his review

  13. I think the 3 dick bar is about how pistols in a wasteband sometimes look like a dick. Kodak is saying he has two pistols on him… still a shit bar

  14. "in that pussy feeling like its mac & cheese"
    "Pussy bald like Cailou"
    "I'm flyer than a plane"

  15. I honestly understand this video and I get it but honestly being from Florida helps wit listening to him but much respect g

  16. I can’t wait till 20 years from now far ugly broke lol pump Kodak 21 lil uzi all have nothing

  17. You've lost a sub Kodak has great lyrics you intentionally just showed shitty lyrics by him… intellectually dishonest, and overall just incorrect.

  18. Kodak is lyrical mumble rapper

  19. Dude this video sucks

  20. he looks like a crack head

  21. This nigga really lyrical abs he smart asl

  22. if u was from flordia you'd understand 💯

  23. Young thug: we gon pull up with them dicks
    Kodak black: hold my beer

  24. Kodak Black is hard 🤷‍♂️ just listen to deep in these streets, slayer, like dat, no flockin. You can analyze him all you want but some rappers just go hard

  25. Kodak has lyrics I can tell you don’t listen to him you just searched a few songs to make this video

  26. I got three dicks 🍆🍆🍆

  27. Shut up u sound stupid, 🤣🤣🤣

  28. His voice is so bad I just can’t listen to his music I think if he used auto tune a lot of it
    he wold sound much better

  29. 5:33 Blueface flashbacks

  30. Pullupinthedeepwenogood good lookinlikeistilldofroud fraud flyinprivatjetinthehood ITHATZEESHITITHATZEESHIT

    If ur confused that was zeze

  31. Kodak better Dan youngboy

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