World of Tanks T-34-2G FT – 9 Kills 5K Damage (1 VS 5)


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World of Tanks T-34-2G FT – 9 Kills 5K Damage (1 VS 5)

Medals received: Kolobanov’s Medal, Radley-Walters’ Medal, Pascucci’s Medal, High Caliber, Top Gun

The T-34-2G FT is a Chinese tier 7 tank destroyer.

A proposed project for a tank destroyer on the basis of the T-34-2 medium tank, which was supposed to incorporate the technical innovations from the Soviet SU-122-54 and SPGs of the WWII period. No prototypes were built.

The T-34-2G FT leads to the WZ-111-1G FT.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2018



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  1. není špatnej , ale jeho šestkovej předchůdce mi přidje o mnoho lepší 🙂 nevím proč , ale hraje se m is ním perfektně

  2. Hello from Romania and thank you all for your nice words! I really appreciate them and I wish you the best in this p2w game! Good luck, fellas! 😀
    Machine_Wardaddy out!


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