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Windows Password Reset Tool How To Download & Make The Boot Disk

If you need to break into a Windows PC, this is possibly your best bet.

With this how to, I’ll show you how to load the Lazesoft Recovery suite and how to then create a USB or CD to boot into the utility and remove, erase or clear the Windows password that you have forgotten or not been given.

You can download the suite here. (I’m not an affiliate)

All I can say is, that it just works! No malware, No spyware, No nagging ad’s or pop ups, just a great piece of FREE software, which is a rare thing these days!

Windows Password Reset Tool How To Download And Make The Boot Disk
Windows Password Reset
Windows Password Reset Tool
How To Download And Make The Boot Disk

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  1. it wont let me access the main admin password i've inherited a pc from a deceased friend and cant gain access . do you have another option by chance

  2. Are you aware your sponsor is selling stolen software?

  3. This is very helpful… Thank you…
    Why not just edit out the dead time? lol

  4. Could you do a rap song on your head?

  5. Great instructions. Worked just as you have described.

  6. does this reset local passwords? im stuck in safe mode without networking and i dont remember my microsoft password

  7. Thanks – really well presented and easy to follow.

  8. awesome!!!

  9. late, but excellent video. You've earned a subscriber. 🙂

  10. thanks for this. it solved my problem

  11. you should review freedom planet its a very good cheap game on steam you should try it i got in love with the girls in that game

  12. Mike you should review some games, like small but popular games like star dew valley.

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