WHY DID I AGREE TO PLAY THIS?! – Black Ops 2 Gun Game Funny Moments and RAGE!

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  1. Terroriser is so sweaty playing this game

  2. He really did edit it XD

  3. Brock : plays Gun Game
    Brian : starts knifing Brock
    Brock : SO TRIGGERED

  4. 21:15 I felt that

  5. Omg this is so sad, alexa Subscribe to Modest Pelican Gaming

  6. Can we all just appreciate moos great outro song

  7. Wth at 5:40 it sounds like Tyler laughing 😭

  8. Please do more of these are fun to watch

  9. Gun Game. Best COD mode ever

  10. Moo you know Mukhakep H I wonder

  11. Mommy? why's daddy yelling?

  12. This is exactly why I unsubscribed from Brian, annoying selfish content

  13. What if moo played Team Fortress 2

  14. This video is missing wildcat and basiclyidowrk

  15. Should we be using code moo to help him with this

  16. Al_duty

  17. 15:30

  18. The screams, the chaos, the roster… Can you say nostalgia?

  19. Ahh yes, flashbacks to "Not Moo Snuckel" days. The years may have passed, but the rage remains the same.

  20. I literally said the same thing at the same time 15:35 Was that an intentional Bloodhound Gang reference?

  21. The facts that Moo put a 0 on Noglas kills💀💀

  22. This brings back soooo many memories 😭

  23. I’ll mop the floor with these two potato Irish tryhards

  24. Because you understand that the Internet feeds off your misery?

  25. When Terroriser stopped knifing he only lost one gun game, wow

  26. Hollie shet i thought i was watching an old Moo Snuckle's vid but deeeemn. Nostalgias everywhere dude.

  27. Moo snuckel You Should VS Bigjigglypanda

  28. The most amazing edit ever

  29. Yall should play Sticks and Stones or Free For All each other. Also it annoys me just watching Terroriser run around knifing everyone.

  30. The only thing we need now is Basically Wildcat and 407 to make this perfect

  31. I think this is legit the first time I've actually heard Delirious get mad about anything. I love it. xD

  32. You know you can turn off setbacks lol

  33. So many memories… This was probably my most favorite COD game.

  34. Moos Title
    Me: cause I prefer the good old days from 2012/2013

  35. I didn't know you could change the 20 gun rotation used for Gun Game? Custom session feature only?

  36. Brock (Moo) talks the most shit yet sucks more than Anthony (Panda)😂😂😂😂

  37. I just got a notification for another new gun game video from Brian while rewatching this!! WOOOOHOOOOO! Can’t wait to see how funny the raging will be. 🤣🤣

  38. 4:03–4:07 f9

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