Which Black Ops Game Is The Best?


How it’s graded:
-10 possible points for Campaign
-10 possible points for Multiplayer
-10 possible points for Zombies
(30 possible points total)
Whichever game has the most points at the ends “wins”

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Some Gameplay:

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  1. 2. Idgaf what you think your opinion is invalid if you think 2 isn’t the best.


  2. Short version for zombies
    BO1: nice but can be better
    BO2: fixed some things with BO1 but also ruined some things
    BO3: Pay to win you can only play 1 map for free the rest will be like 100$ to unlock

  3. Campagne:
    1. Bo I (9,5/10)
    2. Bo II (9/10 – Class system, different endings, cool chars, challenges)
    3. Bo III (hahahaha/10)
    1. Bo II (10/10 every map was perf, class system was gorgeous, it was balanced af)
    2. Bo I (8/10)
    3. Bo III (7,5/10 – idl jumping stuff but 3arc managed it to be fun)
    1. Bo II (10/10 perf – fun 10/10)
    2. Bo (10/10 grew up playing this, skill was required it was awesome)
    3. Bo III (9,5/10 – profits the most from remastered old maps but still pretty good)

  4. In my opinion
    Black ops 1
    Campaign: 9/10
    Multiplayer: 8/10
    Zombies: 7.5/10

    Black ops 2
    Campaign: 8/10
    Multiplayer: 9/10
    Zombies: 8/10

    Black ops 3
    Campaign: 3/10

    Black ops 4
    Campaign: oh wait it didn't had a campaign lol
    Multiplayer: 3/10
    Zombies: 3/10

  5. I don't agree at all. Bo1 and bo2 campaigns are indeed much better than bo3 campaign, but the campaign game time is usually less than 1% of the total game time. As far as multiplayer goes, bo1 was balanced and boring, having pretty good maps but nothing more. Bo2 was much better, having better maps, better scorestreaks, pick 10 system and more. Bo3 was basically bo2 with advanced movement and specialists, and had the best maps in the series. The weapon balance was amazing and although dlc weapons did hurt the game, most of them were worse than the normal weapons, and therefore were not pay to win. When it comes to zombies, bo1 is the worst. It was fun, but there wasn't a lot to do and a lot of maps were very similar. Bo2 has origins and mob, which are 2 masterpieces, buried which is good and 2 of the worst maps in zombies, tranzit and die rise. With that said, It has the best variety and every map serves a purpose, even the awful ones. Bo3 has the most to offer, featuring 3 masterpieces: shadows of evil, der eisendrache and gorod krovi. Revelations was pretty good and zetsubou was very tedious but not bad, and the giant is fun. On top of that there is chronicles. To sum it all up, campaign doesn't matter that much, bo2 and bo3 both have an amazing multiplayer, which is much better than bo1, and bo3 has the best zombies, with bo2 not fat behind and bo1 last. For those reasons, my favorite game is bo3, 2nd favorite is bo2 and 3rd is bo1.

  6. No cap people sleep on BO2 campaign tho . Like BO2 had 2 of the top 3 best maps and buried is my personal favorite of all time . And die rise is well die rise but tranzit should’ve been a top 3 map so I mean yeah . Multiplayer was the best . Campaign was the best in terms of the fact you can make choices for a different outcome. Yes people will hate me for saying BO2 campaign was better but that’s probably because I have more nostalgia for BO2 than Bo1 so . I mean put BO2 in BO3’s engine … alright imma peace😂


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