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Whats The Exact Cost Of Gas To Melt Metals- Melting Copper & Brass

Today i melt down some Copper and Brass and make 3 great bars and work out exactly the cost of Gas it takes to melt each Bar.

The gas price i am using is Australian Gas prices of $26.95 for 8.5 kilos of gas.
Prices are based on $3.17 AUD Per KG of Gas.
Total Gas Price To melt all 3 off these bars are below.

AUD $5.90
US $4.14
€ 3.69
£ 3.17
INR 288
CAD 5.56
NZD $6.24

I have a PO box address below in case anyone wants to send a letter or anything 😬👍🏻.

D Heighway
P O Box 490
Bunbury 6231
WA , Australia


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Forge supplied by my friends over at Devil-Forge , They sell a huge selection of forges , Furnaces , burners and even an the most awesome 5 burner sword blacksmiths furnace on the internet.

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Whats The Exact Cost Of Gas To Melt Metals- Melting Copper & Brass

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  1. Do you keep different crucible for each kind of metal or does it not matter?



  4. I think it’s important to point out, this was one brick… If the furnace is already hot, it’s cheaper to do the second, third and forth brick.

  5. Perilyte and graphite rods with electricity

  6. So, with the average price for scrap copper in the USA at $3.76/kg plus the time (and gasoline, electricity, insurance, maintenance on your machines, etc) you took, you are definitely losing money every time even with free materials!

  7. So I'm just getting into metal melting and stuff, but why should you not cover the hole at the top?

  8. I never knew I wanted a wall full of colored metal bricks, but suddenly I got an urge…

  9. cost of melting ppears to be near 1/2 the value of copper

  10. Its not worth doing ,plus some vendors dont want to buy metals processed at home

  11. Just use jet fuel ; they said it brought down the twin towers. Do some research, on melting steel and burning jet fuel. These brain children wouldn't lie to us, we're to smart for that stuff. Several city blocks burned after the buildings fell and they smoldered for months after, molten steel beams and all, just goes to show the melting ability of jet fuel. Whatever the news media tells us believe it, it's all been researched, sorry to get away from the video, but melting metal always reminds me of the Event… they are still using Events today… whats next… watch the liberals and rhinos… the news media will give the details for them… what a combination…

  12. I wonder when that shelf is going to collapse… just a few LBS on there. Lol

  13. Gas flow meter much easier

  14. I am curious, what are you going to do with the cache of bars? Eventually selling / scrapping, or making stuff? First video I've seen of yours, good stuff!

  15. Many ways to melt metal with no electricity or gas, ask me how.

  16. 9:54 i see what u did there sir

  17. algeria cost is 2$ to fill 4 of these bottles

  18. I think if you would quit these experiments with melting metal, the earths atmospheric carbon monoxide levels would drop. Have you thought about what you are breathing when doing this?

  19. In My Country 12kg of Gas =3.8$

  20. What is borax and what is it doing in this process?

  21. Nice collection. Metal over ice best part of the video. Don't know how i get here but i liked it!

  22. My furnace burns wood with an old hairdryer for a forced air supply. I once put some coal in it and burned/melted out the bottom of my steel crucible!

  23. Racist twat

  24. Do you sell your bars of copper and brass? I think they look amazing and would like to buy 1 of each from you if possible with your autographs on them if I could. I'm a fan and subscriber from the us. If you could give me prices with shipping costs, I will get you the funds asap. Thank you!

  25. if you have an industrial smelting furnace, you need something like 18 gallons of propane per hour and some coal….

  26. Your puppy is a big baby lol

  27. Technically speaking mind you, you missed the cost of water and the cost to convert it to ice…, X BTU's.
    AWESOME video 👍 and I never get tired of watching.
    I do wish you would inform us when you add what you put into the mix, bicarbonate (?), and why when you do such a thing to better to better inform the less minded such as myself.

  28. One mans junk metal is another melted treasure. Thanks for the video

  29. Ty. i share.lovely

  30. Just figure out grams per minute your furnace uses and then you can just time your melts

  31. would it be cheaper to have 4 large containers with gold silver copper brass and just skip the burning cost and sell it as a large lot ?? nice to look at 🙂 !!!

  32. it seems I need asmr for the wire stripping too, hmmm eureka

  33. In fact you need to add the cost of the gas installation, the furnace, the crucibles, the ice and all tools you used.

  34. I still cant believe how cheap the ingots are i thought they would be worth a lot more..

  35. Check out oil burner channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUR7wV09xuE
    Go to the end of the video and watch that simple thing make a much bigger fire than what you got going with the propane take. I have seen him melt an engine block.

  36. Wow, that stack of metals was awesome at the end of the video. How cool that would be to have all that metal, so when you get the idea to cast something new, you are ready to go. That is awesome. You should use used cooking oil and an oil burner to melt metal like Oil Burner channel, a guy who is in Australia too. You need a blower, a metal ball, drip oil on the ball, blow the ball with the blower, create an oil mist, and light that baby on fire. It makes your shit look like a little kiddy fire. And it is for free, because you use used cooking oil. Go watch Oil Burner channel if he is still there, and look up "oil burners for melting metal" on youtube. You could mix a little bit of gasoline to the cooking oil maybe if you have a hard time getting it to light. I am not sure about that though. Do what Oil Burner says, not what I say. He is melting engine blocks with his burner, and for pennies on the dollar versus your rig.

  37. how much costs to have some liters of water, a pile of graphite to be consumed in electrolysis, a solar panel, and some electrodes for generating hydrogen?

  38. I like how you put them on a block of ice after a melt

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