We need to talk about spray paint melting foam.


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Listen….there really is no huge secret to spray painting foam without it melting. You don’t need to buy the special foam primer spray paints. You can use just about any can to safely spray foam without causing melting, you just gotta do so properly. Grab some cans, some scrap foam, test and practice your technique so that you can do it with confidence!

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  1. Stupid people in comment sections have nearly ruined this man. It seems like every 2 minutes of his recent videos he has to put in a "don't be a dumbass" disclaimer because inevitably some fucking moron will mess it up and come on here blaming him.

    On behalf of all these dumbasses, I'm sorry Jeremy.

  2. It's kinda funny how he mentions thinner, which is known for eating away at plastic. At work, we'll use it both in spraying cabinet doors and panels, and to clean paint off of the paint mixer and stuff. Of course, we wear plastic gloves but the thinner does eat away at the plastic. It also burns of you get it into cuts

  3. When you make things out of foam, do you cut it down before the video or do you buy them in those dimensions.

  4. I am new to your channel, and want to ask if plastic dip would work as good as mod podge for sealing? And btw love your channel and work ❤️

  5. Really nice video that helps a lot.
    An idea: can you get a video about how to substitute some of the things you use and link? Like, mod podge… I just can't use it, as I live outside Canada and USA, and a 8 fl oz can of mod podge matte mat would cost me more than 300 bucks (more than 2 hot wire foam cutting tables), and would take 60 – 90 days to be delivered, because I can only buy it on ebay, and ebay likes to cash in what they THINK I'd pay on taxes beforehand… it's not just something i can buy on the corner store. SO whenever I watch your videos (and I love them… just bought yesterday 20 different color of acrylic paints, 10 foam boards, 10 xps foam boards, knifes, sculpting tools and so on, all inspired by you), some things get me worried I'll not be able to make…
    I'll use, by now, a mix of pva glue + water + black paint as base instead of mod podge, but reading your website, you state mod podge is significantly better than that… that's why it would be nice to know any substitutes…
    Thanks in advance, and thanks for all the awesome videos!

  6. What about using spray can shellac? Shellac is alcohol based, and usually has pretty low amounts of hot thinner in the spray cans.

  7. Thank you for your videos. For foam, i'm used to the "amsterdam" water based spray paint, it's very sure for not destroying your foam works. Thank u again from france!

  8. This video was undoubtedly very much exiting and entertaining. One thing came in my mind that one can use spray paint on foam in the wrong way even, just to get a particular event or look.
    You can try it.

  9. The Clip of the Rave you put at 5:20 is from my hometown (Duesseldorf – Germany) right under the Oberkasseler Bridge. Years ago they gathered there from time to time to rave but I have not seen them for at least 10 years. Just thought, you might want to know.

  10. Black Magic Craft, what do u usually do with your crafts after introducing them to your players? Are they still actual for this party, or they become decoration on your shelves until you bring new players?

  11. Thank you!!! This old dog learned something new. I sadly listened to the ill informed in my early years and just avoided the whole thing. Now it's time to come back and try the correct way. Again, Thank you sir!

  12. How do you get clean cuts on the foam without jaggies or having it tear? I bought some new blades, but I'm not happy with it "pulling" through the foam rather than making clean cuts.

  13. This is a video that needs to be widely accessable to hobbiests. Destroyed an 18 hour project I worked on for my first foam build, and you wouldn't believe how vague and unreliable a lot of info is about this. Thanks again, and I know this will help a ton of people before they make mistakes with their stuff!

  14. Could you make a video using the way the spray paint melts the foam as a texture? Just an idea. Keep up the good work

  15. I would to see you making something outside of D&D but related to miniatures. Can you make a Nativity diorama? Yes! A Jesus crib! There is nothing about it on the internet. I know you can make a good job.

  16. Dude… I'm quite proud of this video for a very simple reason — you did an entertaining video that was literally about paint drying. 🙂

    You rock, brother! Keep on crafting!

  17. It's quite simple! https://www.lowes.com/pd/Zinsser-Bulls-Eye-1-2-3-Interior-Exterior-Multi-purpose-Water-based-Wall-and-Ceiling-Primer-Actual-Net-Contents-16-fl-oz/3540720

  18. I build model rockets too, and there have been times where I've spray painted a rocket, then sprayed a clear coat on it only to have the clear coat and the paint react with each other. Would more distance prevent that as well, or is that caused by something else?


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