WD Black Game Drives for Xbox, PS4 & PC @Pepcom 2019 (Sept)

WD is offering both console and PC gamers storage solutions for high performance with their WD Black brand.

– P10 Gamedrive – external HDD for Xbox, PS4 & notebooks
– P50 Gamedrive SSD – smaller size, faster speed
– SN750 NVMe SSD – for PC or notebook users (available with or without heatsinks)

More info:

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link
— P10 Game Drive
— SN750 NVMe (with or without heat sink)

Pepcom Product Showcase Event (09/19)
@Metropolitan Pavilian, New York City

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  1. is this an SSD or HDD?

  2. Mars? Are your parents Jupiter and Hera?

  3. Not available on Amazon 12/3/19 WTF!

  4. 👍

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