VICTORIAN ERA AMBIENCE: Soft Rain Sounds, Horses, Crows, Bell Sounds


A huge thank-you to to the super talented Michael Andrews for giving me permission to use his beautiful artwork for this Victorian ambience. Everyone go have a look at his ArtStation here:

Welcome to this week’s cozy ambience, which is set in the Victorian era (so June 20, 1837 – January 22, 1901). In it you’ll hear calming rain sounds, horses clopping by, people walking in gravel, crows cawing, and some relaxing nighttime sounds. I loved making this ambience because I love history (particularly the Victorian era, the Edwardian era and the 20s!), and so it was nice to imagine what it might’ve sounded like back then. There was more I wanted to add, but I was short on time this week. I’ll do more videos set in the Victorian era eventually!

Hope you enjoy this cozy ambience, and I’ll see you next week for another!

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  1. A million and one thank-yous to Michael Andrews for letting me use his beautiful historical 3D environment for this Victorian era ambience. Check him out here:
    I love the strong autumn vibes in this ambience. Hope you enjoy the relaxing rain sounds, soft bells, crows, horses clopping and nighttime sounds!
    Thanks for watching!

  2. This reminds me of one of my favorite Batman Comics Batman:Gotham by Gaslight which features the dark knight in the Victoria trying to solve the Jack the Ripper cases. I'm half expecting Batman to come swooping down on a criminal of the era.

  3. If you could transfer this to a sleep machine you would have something. Plus the makings of some pretty odd dreams.

  4. Aw.. I know you get a million messages and all. But you always make these things 3 hours and 1 second.. or 3 hours and 10 seconds…
    I (and many others!!!) use these during D&D Sessions, which they are GREAT for, while narrating a story. I play them over Discord through Rhytm bot. Problem is, Rhytm Bot only allows sounds / music for 3 hours. Anything above 3 hours it says "This is longer than 3 hours!" >_<

  5. What about doing one of a Victorian eara GWR signal box. With lever frames moving bell codes going in and out and trains going bye.

  6. Horse hooves clomp…but I don't hear carriage or even dog cart wheels… they're quite loud you know.. specialy on cobbles.


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