USE EVERY WEAPON IN THE GAME! "SWITCH" (Black Ops 3 Modded Gamemodes)

Mod: Switch (Found on Steam Workshop)
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Zerkaa | ZerkaaHD | ZerkaaPlays


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  1. Shoots one bullet
    Zerkaa: RELOAD IT

  2. This is basically sharpshooter, but the gun changes whenever a random person in the lobby dies, instead of being time based. At least that's what it looks like.

  3. Why the fuck doesn’t he aim in 😂

  4. Just noticed this 2 years later but the guns switch every 4 kills on the kill feed

  5. I liked this game

  6. isnt this an actual gamemode but switches every 45 secs?

  7. He just spornd

  8. u gotta stop hip firing sometimes

  9. Zerkaa how much kills did you have

  10. 1v1 me

  11. 9:13 was so amazing

  12. I have the crossbow

  13. this could be illuminate

  14. u can't tempest yourself

  15. Crazy thoughts aiming down sights gets your bullets to hit more targets

  16. Every time Zerkaa hits a quick scope, the little voice in my brain whispers "illuminate. It's real."

  17. The gun changes after every 7 kills

  18. i dislike because of vik being there instead of ethan

  19. dont know ut is a bit easyer

  20. DO MORE pls

  21. Is for Xbox one to

  22. every 7 kills the gun changes

  23. Omg these guys suck

  24. Sharpshooters josh you play cod since mw and you think this is totally new?

  25. Illuminate is coming out

  26. Shawn Mendes released Illuminate before Josh

  27. I was listening to switch right before this video, weird..

  28. Yeah there was a game mode in bo1 and bo2 very similar to this called sharpshooter. Call of duty was fun back then

  29. These cod videos are better than any sidemen fifa videos

  30. Play more prop hunts it was so funny

  31. More of these bo2 pc mods. These are actually fun to watch

  32. Can you guys ads plz

  33. Love this series

  34. The sidemen book is correct
    Josh is lethal with snipers

  35. play monopoly in the next video

  36. How did josh not react 9:55 that's the shittest gun in the game

  37. when you are sitting there thinking "wow josh is sick! he's 100 percent gonna win this one" then he says "I'm having a bad day today" and comes 4th :/

  38. Love these guys but they fucking suck

  39. 8:55 when josh use the rk5 he use a modded controller

  40. they're fighting bots

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