Typhoon 3D Simulator Arcade Game Ride Mad Wave Motion Theater Deluxe – 2G Of Acceleration!


Typhoon is an Arcade Game that is sometimes hard to describe unless you’ve been on it before. It is a non-interactive type of Arcade Game where you passively sit and watch a screen as the seats move you around in relation to what is being viewed on the TV Monitor. We use the word “passive” comically because this RIDE is anything but “passive”. You get to be thrown around is more like it. Sure, not really rough or anything like that at all….but the added wind from the large, powerful fans really does make it feel like you are outside on a rollercoaster holding on for dear life. We chose to play 1 map that we had never played before as well as one that we played / viewed one time in 2015 (mostly forgotten). This one of those types of Arcade Game 3D Simulators that if you go without playing it for several months, you end up missing it. Everyone on our Arcade & Video Gamers Team really gives this Arcade Game some top reviews. Aside from that, we hope newer versions include a much larger screen and possibly an enclosed cabinet booth!

Typhoon Arcade Game 3D Motion Simulator Mad Wave

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