Trash To Treasure Dug Up Scrap Metal To Golden Brass Bullion


Today i melt a heap of really dirty brass that was dug out of the ground while metal detecting by my friend Jason C. there was alot the skim off and through away but i got 2 Awesome Ingots to put on my shelves so im happy.

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I have a PO box address below incase anyone wants to send a letter or anything 😬👍🏻.

D Heighway
P O Box 490
Bunbury 6231
WA , Australia

Forge supplied by my friend over at Devil-Forge , They sell a huge selection of forges , Furnaces , burners and even an the most awesome 5 burner sword blacksmiths furnace on the internet.


Also check out this link for his online shop

Trash To Treasure Dug Up Scrap To Golden Brass Bullion


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  1. I imagine if you'd cleaned it first you would've removed most of the non-brass as well as most of the debris that became dross and slag. Question is, would the results have been any better?

    Also, do you know of a method of removing nickel or chrome plating that will preserve the nickel or chrome and remove any residue from the brass?

  2. Hi there bigstack D I've decided to leave it to do the metal I don't trust you said safety first… anyway mate I've started to stack different metals, I got a bit of silver, copper and brass,and a small amount of gold

  3. Just finished my first melt, a cut here a burn there, copper looks like aluminum, way to hot, tongs were the only bright spot. Why is this copper silver colored ! Would love to include pictures. It was wire off a motor. Wonder if it was even copper. Help anyone.

  4. Hey man I talked to ya yesterday about the platnum refining I made my first copper silver gold and iron ingot ugly as hell but nice

  5. Kriky mate, why dont you talk? I know you probably sound like Steve Irwin mate, it's all bloody good. I'm from Texas mate. But I sound like I'm from the outback Ay mate? Love the tattoos mate! Love the videos too. Honestly, I dont know why I love watching you melt stuff bro, but I've watched practically all of your vids mate!

  6. Why make a proper skimming spoon when you already got one? Was scared for a minute there wasn’t going to be any brass to cast. Love this channel.

  7. An easy way to clean then would to get yourself a tool cleaner if you have ever seen those before, well that is if you have room in the garage and or shed

  8. So… Can we expect a spectacular dros skimming spoon from bigstackD? Will it be made frome iron? Home forged? I wonder….

  9. Sorry, I ordered the brass, not the slag slurry.

    Great videos, I cant really find a favorite in all of this molten mastery

  10. Freaking I'm diggin that , guess really , what's not too like, cool enough to make me start my new hobby ! Of course , got long time to get anywhere near Mr.stack's ( if ever) skills but fun giving a try♠️


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