Trash To Treasure – Dug up Metals & Scrap Turned into Huge 3 Kilo Bar & Coins


So today i go back to the basics and melt down around 4 kilos of mixed buried brass pieces and other brass scrap .I make a huge 3 kilo bar and a heap of coin Blanks .

Also on 5 October I will be releasing a challenge video with my friend ArtByAdrock-Adam and VegOilGuy-Geoff we need to make a knife or blade no greater than 14 inches in length out of Scrap metal of our choice . So stay tuned for that video there is no winners or losers just three guys making three blades styles in their own way and we don’t have a clue what each other have made until the day they release it as well.

I have a PO box address below incase anyone wants to send a letter or anything 😬👍🏻.

D Heighway
P O Box 490
Bunbury 6231
WA , Australia


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  1. Hey guys if your interested in 5% off a Devil-Forge Furnace email me for your unique code on👌🏻😁

  2. I live on the east coast of USA (NC) and scrap copper/brass is more like $2.48/lbs (idk what that is in kilos) so almost triple in value. Great stuff tho. Learning a lot really. And our vids aren't full of useless babbling. 🤘👍🤐🤣

  3. I imagine that those $100. bills were fake, because each one was worth 6.85 ounces of silver, or 353 ounces of American nickels.

  4. I would guess that all that yellow powder you're skimming off is zinc oxide at least you didn't get to the flash point

  5. I’ve been wondering, why not disassemble the locks to remove the shackles and other steel parts? It could save you some time and maybe some waste in the smelting process!

  6. I know this is an older video and I see you collect all the dust from cleaning it all. My question, is it easier to melt the dust alone or with more of the scrap metal? Just curious. Your videos are awesome. I'm looking into starting to melt myself.


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