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Top 10 Travel Destinations

At this years New York Times Travel Show, Brian Cox interviewed several representatives from some of the best tourist destinations in the world. After doing tons of research and the help from some great interviews, we present our top ten destinations to travel to in 2015 (in no order).

Este año mientras participaba en el New York Times Tavel Show, Brian Cox entrevistó varios representantes de algunos de los mejores destinos turísticos del mundo. Después de hacer una búsqueda extensiva y con la ayuda de las entrevistas (y entrevistados) te presentamos la lista de los Top 10 destinos turísticos para el 2015 (sin orden).

Video footage provided by:
South Africa Tourism Board –
Argentina Tourism Board –
Philippines Tourism Board –
Czech Republic Tourism Board –
Tahiti Tourisme –
Track & Trail River Camp (Zambia) –
India Tourism Board –
Indonesia Tourism Board –
Malta Tourism Authority –


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  1. The top most visited countries France Mexico USA Germany United kingdom

  2. How about Visiting Poland , Great Country as well right next door ..

  3. My India is there
    I love my india

  4. Sept 5, 2018: New Mexico is an interesting place too! Visit their website @ https://www.visitalbuquerque.org/

  5. Thanks so much for posting 🙂

  6. Great video ✌️

  7. I really want to go to Malta and the African country’s sound nice,

  8. lo


  9. 0:10 1. South Africa
    0:53 2. Argentina
    1:34 3. Philippines
    2:13 4. Czech Republic
    2:53 5. Tahiti
    3:29 6. Zambia
    4:02 7. India
    4:48 8. Indonesia
    5:26 9. Malta
    6:06 10. Croatia
    Thanks for uploading this video.Very Informative.

  10. I,ll give you a clue It starts with a point! Sweet dreams sweet cheeks!!!

  11. You should come to Costa Rica!

  12. go to slovakia

  13. Bali just come back from seminyak

  14. indonesia is hidden paradise…

  15. Thank you for putting this together, amazing images again.

  16. nice country👍

  17. its all fake promotion..plz dont go through it..instead of india its another small my country Nepal having top highest peak n among 14 highest peak in the world 8 lies here…

  18. yeay Indonesian!!

  19. I wonder why you dont even mention POrto in Portugal which was named of the best destination 2017 by several magazines. Food, hospitality, prices low weather beaches and so on

  20. Really, these all are amazing destinations for traveling……..

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