Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart Play 'Black Ass Game' | Night School | The Root

Dominoes or spades? Drums of flats? The Root asked some black ass questions, and “Night School” stars Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart gave their black ass opinions.
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  1. Wth she wearing? Lol

  2. Tiffany haddish was supposed to be titled "Actress"

  3. Never Have I Ever Made A Racist Video!

  4. fucking stop with the racist shit. keep it in USA, the rest of the world ain't like you.

  5. Music too gottdam loud!

  6. Bruh, that double Dutch part … Kevin had me Weaaaak ☠️😂

  7. Why is the comment section so was good

  8. This was a dope interview

  9. I hate when butt hurt people get in this comment section. I did not hear those same people that called this racist calling crazy rich asian racist. Gtfoh.

  10. you all are stupid.

  11. FLATS !!!!

  12. These "black ass questions "👎🏾

  13. 2:59–3:04 I know that's right💪👏🏾


  15. This is supposed to be funny?

  16. Americans generally don't like racists, which is why your channel is posting videos that get a whopping 1,500 views with celebrity guests !

  17. Your channel is a fail. Quit YouTube you racist fucks

  18. The root should rename itself to the racist.

  19. The left is exhausting…… Absolutely exhausting

  20. Do you know da wae?

  21. this channel is literally cancer… iv never saw a more racist channel on youtube before!

  22. I’m boycotting everyone who does an interview with The Root. The Root is Not owned by Blacks. The Root has some of the Most Racist Articles I’ve seen ever in life. & I investigated White Supremacist websites. The Root is more Racist against African Americans than any Neo Nazi, KKK or Alt Right website.

  23. trolls really need to get a life! poor losers!

  24. You know if someone did a game called White Ass Game, some people would call it racist, but this is ok?

  25. Kevin Hart is part of The Beast system.

  26. Even when you have amazing talent you still managed to have terrible content. Great work The Root! 😑

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