This Synergy is a GAME CHANGER for Black Bolt – God Tier Damage Ramp – Marvel Contest of Champions


Hit Monkey comes with a new synergy that allows Black Bolt to quickly get an INSANE Amount of Crit Rating, this allows him to ramp up his Fury & Cruelty buffs much quicker and spikes up the damage a ton as he has close to Guarenteed Crits on every hit once he’s fully ramped up, a really impressive new synergy that takes an OG to a new level!

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  1. Around 50k on the sp2 plus a stun and around 14k on the 5 hit combos. Not to shabby once he starts getting ramped up

  2. "2:56"
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  3. Kabam Cheating Summoners by giving only fury buff for old Champions (as an Update). No New Buff Added. & Also Synergy Need for that.

  4. Does anyone remember the time when Blackbolt used to take damage by using Sp2?
    And he still has it in realm of legends.

  5. Input drops have been pretty crazy lately. Thought it was just my phone, but now I’ve got an excuse to blame Kabam. Thanks Seatin!

  6. I just love that they give characters good synergies, but i just hate that those effects should be in the base champ

  7. Hey everyone just thought I’d bring up a HUGE accidental discovery I’ve made inside MCOC relating to the champion buffs. I may have found out which champions Kabam are buffing in the next few months.

    If you go into the player searchbox and simply search “Kabam,” three almost identical accounts come up; their only differences being the hero rating and prestige. None of these accounts have names, and all of them have the same top four champions:
    -Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

    I believe these accounts may be ones in which Kabam are doing testing on certain champions when it comes to buffs. The top champion hulkbuster could indicate that he is the champion coming out with a buff first. If that is the case, then it is possible the next 3 top champs will also be receiving buffs soon.

    I find it weird how these accounts come up when searching “Kabam” even though there is no name on them. Just thought I’d mention this-thanks for reading.

  8. Reaaally don’t get why Hit Monkey is required for this synergy. Black Bolt should get this Automatically with inhuman royal family at the very Least. Karnak needs a buff badly too. The Inhumans are (supposed to be) OP. Medusa is the only really viable candidate from the synergy, Kabam should get on this. Hit Monkey though…?
    P.s.- his sp3 should be on par with Havoks. Just saying.

  9. Hey guys, I have 4 champs i want start to prioritize for upgrading, which should I choose? Archangel, She Hulk, Glad Hulk, or Warlock. This is for my Rol Run, I already have heavy damage dealers. But nothing against the Rol Wolvie. All of this have some healing reduction. I don't have despair mastery yet. So which one should I choose

  10. "Dropping inputs". That's exactly what I've been trying to describe has been happening in the last month or so. I didnt have the right terminology but occasionally yet way too often, my champs have been ending their attacks mid combo. Its god damned annoying because the majority of the time you get lit up when that happens. Come on Kabam you know what you're doing, stop it.


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