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  1. Real reason poppy isnt disabled: it is not a poppy bug. It works on a ton of champions but is just most effective on poppy.

  2. Lmfao riot games. What a joke of a company and league is a joke of a game. So glad I stopped playing this game hahahahahaha

  3. people got perma banned for dying to that bug, thats the worst part. shows how dumb riots 'inting' detection is.

  4. Trick: "You know, he seems like a friendly guy"
    Beginning of the game: Fucking Anivia almost lost it for being dumb, can't even play safe"

  5. Why did I get a pop-up that Trick uploaded this today? (13minutes ago) bs – I've watched this on the 23st xD

  6. Anyone noticed around min 12 that he recevied a message from our lord and savior, the one and only "Old School GG".

  7. the reason poppy isnt disabled is because it works on multiple champs, such as Poppy, Kayn, Illoai, etc. any champ with an ability that interacts with the ground (poppy Q, Illoai Q, Kayn W, etc) can do this bug with flash, hexflash, and bugged terrain where the hitbox of the spell hits both pieces of colliding terrain in game (such as where poppy is standing near Baron, or in the fountain). Just explaining this because of trick saying "why isn't poppy disabled?"

  8. I cant move…… ummm yeah.. its called cc and other stuns.. why do you have to say it like we dont know


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