THE UNIVERSIM – A new Black & White God Game? #1


The Universim aims to revive the glory days of the god-game genre, and bring it into the new generation with fresh ideas and ambitious gameplay

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  1. Really nice Game, but I really miss the Black&White part of it. Black&White was not only about building a civilisation but about training your beast and getting more followers by eather impressing or by fighting other civilisations and their beast. The beast part was my favorite, apart from the greek setting. Still I might give that game a change.

  2. I can't believe that Black and White is that old. I used to play it all the time, I remember how mad I was that B&W 2 took away multiplayer battles.

  3. Imagine Black & White in 2019. VR headset on, moving hands in spirals for miracles, moving and interacting with the people, landscape and your creature with your hands and controllers in them.. the potential is amazing. Sucks Lionhead doesn't exist anymore

  4. ad a little dramatic music on the background and this guy's voice,and you get a marvellous nice voiced narrator

  5. I see you're on episode 4 already… not sure why i wasn't notified, damn youtube, well i can binge watch your 4 episodes 🙂

  6. Until today, I thought I was the only person ever who LOVED Black and White. Its been so long lol Going to love this series! And doc… more vlogs soon? 😀 Some demonetized cooking shows maybe? :p jk jk <3

  7. Havent really watched since the prime of mindcrack and your world tours, but I have to say Doc I am loving all your new LP series! So glad I decided to check out your new playthroughs I am enjoying the content very much, and happy to see you enjoying various different games. Keep it up Doc!

  8. I didn’t know people liked black and white. The dev team and publishers were great at generating enough hype that the fans and reviewers bought into it, but the game was a mess to play. Grand ideas but crap controls

  9. I've been keeping an eye on this. S'all good and I love the Doc-torial, but the starting group is too small – there's just a touch too much incest going on!

  10. Game seems pretty decent already, but didn't see the black & white in it.
    yes there is building a town, but there probably about 100 games doing that.
    Black & white had a story line, going up against the other gods and the beasts doing things.

  11. "I'm the tutorial." Holy shit, I love that line. Instant like right there since I forgot to like the video before watching.


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