THE NEXT BIG MULTIPLAYER GAME?! Killer Queen Black Interview w/ Matt Tesch of Liquid Bit Games

Killer Queen Black is coming, and it has the potential to be the next big multiplayer game! I talk to Matt Tesch, the head of production at Liquid Bit Games, the studio developing Killer Queen Black; and we talk about why you should keep this game on your radar and alot of features they added to bring the arcade hit to the console gamers!
Videos Used as B-Roll

Killer Queen is world’s only 10-player strategy arcade game:

Why do bars love Killer Queen?:

Bumblebash 3 GRAND FINALS:

Killer Queen Black Beta Highlights:

Killer Queen Black Direct-Feed Gameplay (E3 2019):
Background Music:

Greatest Of All Time by Silent Partner from YouTube Audio Library

By the Sword by Ethan Meixsell from YouTube Audio Library


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