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Game of Thrones Season 8 is over but the A song of ice and fire analysis has just began! One of the most mysterious characters in Game of Thrones and A Song of ice and Fire is Bloodraven or Brynden Rivers. In the History of Westeros and during the Targaryen Rule Bloodraven acted as Hand of the King to Targaryen Kings but more importantly Bloodraven was a Greenseer. Blood Raven seems to be the actual foreshadowing for Brandon Stark or King Bran Stark! In this video I will go thru all of the clues that George RR Martin laid that shows how Bloodraven influenced the story from the very first chapter and How Bloodraven is ultimately the foreshadowing for Bran and one of the most important characters of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and fire! We will go back to House Blackwood, The Blackfyre Rebellions and The Tales of Dunk and Egg!
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  1. Thank you for your patience while I was sick and dealing with End of GOT depression! ❤️🌹 Love u🦋 Leave all of ur unanswered questions here!

  2. I don't remember ever seeing this. Bloodraven sounds very sketchy 2 me! Where's Shiera Seastar? Bloodraven definitely sent the Starks the direwolves! #IstandwithDaenerys

  3. Its gonna be king bloodraven. Faceless men gotta be wargs to warg the face of a dead warg . Im sure bloodravens got some unkown warging abilities not yet seen. Him ans bran gonna switch spots

  4. bloodraven and/or bran can be a very good thing.
    can even be the only viable option for life on westeros, even the world of westeros.

    but only in the sense that, the God Emperror Leto 2nd. was a very good choice as the emperror of the known universe, even for all humanity, and even even the only option that resulted humanity not ending. (no aliens were ever contacted in dune, so it can be said leto was saving all life around the known universe).

    but noone can say the subjects of godemperor enjoyed his reign. and i suspect the same about bran(s).

  5. Aegon IV was based on King John "Lackland" Plantagenet. I'm descended from one of his bastards. 😂 He was quite a colorful character.

  6. What's the significance of Rickon's wolf having moss-green eyes? I mean, even Bran's wolf, Summer, only has yellow eyes (like the remaining three wolves).

  7. Loved this video. Super informative and in depth. Great analysis!!!

    Although, I don’t think bran being king would be a good choice. Which is also why I believe blood raven stepped down from the power himself. It’s like that old spider man saying goes “With great power comes great responsibility”, or that other quote “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and while foresight is a great strength that gives a huge advantage, it’s more suited to someone who is a hand to a king. Bran is a greatly in tune with spirit and the magickal realm of GOT- but he isn’t really a Leader. He doesn’t stir the hearts of people the way Jon or Daenerys do. He isn’t a conqueror, or a Uniter of people. He isn’t like Dany, who freed slaves and convinced a mostly patriarchal society to not only accept her but to FOLLOW her in her quest, and he isn’t like Jon who United countless houses and convinced them to lay down their lives against a common enemy. Bran has a leg up, but If GOT has taught us anything being quick, clever, having magic abilities or guile or wit alone is not enough. You have to have that It ™ factor to really be able to rally nations together. What makes the most sense to me is if Bran continues along in his spiritual journey, alone, and finds a way to defeat “winter”. I think Bran’s destiny is a much greater purpose than just politics or the iron throne.

  8. Girl i get what you saying but i think maester aemon is Jon in this story and bran is not supposed to be on the throne. Jon was asked and refused rhe throne like maester Aemon did and went to the wall! History repeating!

  9. as a british person who knows lots of bits of history badly, it's very annoying, because eg the only man who chose to be loyal to his king not his blood during the wars of the roses, i knew who that was and now i drat can't remember it, the great council after the deceased sons, and so on

  10. I have long wondered whether Coldhands might be a wighted corpse, skinchanged by Bloodraven. I think that will show the relationship of the Others and Wights, that they are animated through the same kind of magic that allows Bran to warg Summer.

    Bloodraven needs to show Bran not just information he doesn't know to search for, but also the extent of his powers.

  11. Enjoyed this one. I tried to think of who else but Bran the group there in the Dragonpit might actually greed on and honestly I don't think that there was anyone.

  12. I think Bran is a horrible choice for king if he can see the future and allowed or-worse-planned for thousands to die in King's Landing to get Jon and Dany out of the way. Bran picks when to tell Jon about his linage to put max stress on Jon and Dany's relationship at a time when Dany will be grieving. Then Bran refuses to warn Dany about Euron's ambush-putting Dany through more emotional pain and grieving. Bran may have seen what it would take for Dany to crack and did what he could to ensure it would happen which means Bran planned for thousands die in King's Landing as part of that. Lack of concern for people's lives or willingness to cause thus committing mass murder shows deep unfitness to be king either way.

    Thank you for all your effort to explain the characters. I just think you could be making a mistake in assuming Bran (now no longer Bran) will use his powers for good when he may have already done the reverse.

  13. I hated Bran in terms of what his character did to the story. The idea of an all knowing character coming back to town and blowing up everybody's secrets is so uninteresting. There were all these wonderful secrets, especially regarding Littlefinger. Peter got found out because Bran knows everything. That is so boring.

  14. Excellent video Gray! A proper understanding of the significance and importance of these characters and their roles being the core of the story! Thank you, a thousand times and one! 😘

  15. 3Eyed Crow =! The last greenseer. Bloodraven is the old man in the tree. Remember that Bran receives two different kinds of dreams, 3EC dreams and wierwood dreams. The wierwoods are with multiple red eyes, similar to what Mel sees in ADwD. If Bloodraven is the 3EC, why would he visit Bran in wierwood form? There is absolutely no reason which could justify Bloodraven using 3EC and wierwood form to visit Bran in his dreams. Plus, when Bran asks, " Are you the 3EC?", Bloodraven appears puzzled, is silent for sometime, and then replies, "A Crow? Aye. Black of garb and black of blood, but that was a lifetime ago". This shows that even he doesn't know who this 3EC is. So, this means that 3EC and the guy on wierwood are 2 different entities. 3EC can possibly be an agent of the Great Other.

  16. Thank you so much for this great video! Very interesting! It helped to explain so much about Bloodraven ‘s influence and why Bran ended up King in the show and maybe in the books as well.

  17. I love your videos but I have to correct you on this one in TV it was written badly Jon was not sent to walk to the wall by his own choice he was sent to the wall as a punishment to please Grey Worm as punishment for killing Daenerys Targaryen thank you for explaining it that the green eyed Raven 2 is he evil because that's what I would like to know because the way they've betrayed in the show as brand taking over brands body is evil because he knew all these things were going to happen and didn't do nothing and that's another thing that we were written better in the books to bran now be becoming the Rio 30 Draven would be better written by Georgia Martin because that also Wasn't written very well in the show in the show because of the way they wrote it which was stupid but I do agree with you however they George R R Martin will do it differently and much much better in the books it will be John's choice to go to the wall and not take the Thrown because yes he does not want the throne He doesn't want to be king it's what I hate about my favourite characters ending which is Jon Snow yes he would have ended up at the wall with the wild things and Tommo and ghost but it wasn't his choice he was sent there for punishment he was sent there for doing the right thing for killing Daenerys Targaryen who committing mass murder he shouldn't have been punished for that and the three-eyed raven as Bron he knew that was going to happen gets the throne that's not right how they wrote it was freaking stupid John wasn't responsible Daenerys Targaryen committing mass murder but bran as the three-eyed raven was responsible and he gets to be king can't wait for George R R Martin books because the way they've written this show really stinks

  18. I unsubscribed from the GoT channels after the dumpsterfire of 8.5 and 8.6. I made a mistake, this is a great video. Resubed to GrayArea.


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