The Long Dark – Winter's Embrace – Episode 6

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Let’s Play The Long Dark Winter’s Embrace Event

June 29-July 31st 2020 The Long Dark is having a summer event called Winter’s Embrace and we’ve got a new mini series as we’ll be playing through the event and getting two exclusive badges as well as sampling the new maple syrup and ketchup chips!
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  1. I'm 9 days in on my mountain town start, just got to trappers cabin and have 64% cabin fever risk.
    I triple checked that I'm on winter's embrace too

  2. Bruh how tf have you summited already wdum

  3. You had both ankles and one wrist sprained! How can you even move?

  4. 🍁🍄☕🌺

  5. You missed all the overhead lockers in the plane ✈️

  6. I got one syrup from DP. Those blizzards really slow you down. I'm considering how far I have to travel to decide if I want to head on outside during a blizzard. If you're just making short trips like in a town then you can withstand most of them – doesn't seem to wreck your clothes too much. Lots of coffee so I'm always using some – that helps. Got caught outside three times so far where I lost about half my condition – but you only need a couple of sticks and can start a fire out of the wind and warm up pretty easily.

    I had a fire up in the Riken's bridge – during a blizzard. Was a nice long one and I watched the wind change directions three times – never bothered the fire.
    But I don't think you can fit a bedroll up there with the fire there but if you put it closer to the door then the wind can get to it.
    The fires in this event are seriously buffed — just need a couple of sticks to start warming up immediately.

  8. The summit cave had been reported by others that it was blocked by snow. You experience confirmed that. Strange as to why that was done, assuming it was deliberate.

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