THE EYES! Is The New Black Widow in Game Yelena Belova? The Platinumpool Message Theory + More [MCN]


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  1. Time Codes;

    1:27 – Episode 17 of the Contest Realm Podcast – with DNA 3000

    2:07 – The CCP Presentation and is it being over hyped?

    4:25 – The Platinumpool Investigation Continues.

    6:08 – Korg was easier as a champ to play against DAMN YOU JOHN!

    7:02 – Kabams Stinky Deals not reflective of fair and progressive spending in game

    8:10 – Is The New Black Widow Actually Yelena Belova!!! Or Florence Pugh

    11:11 – Black Widow Deadly Origin Goes High! Elektra Goes Low!

  2. Hello i am a new player and i am surely confused in what to do and where to go.. I tried getting a 4star hero but alas. I have the chamion at max and psylock and krg in level 3 and falcon in level 2 and all these in 3stars. Could you help me out in these situation. I want to complete this act 3 to get a 4star hero😐😐.. But if you could do something to help me out. Thank you🙏💕

  3. It's definitely not Yelena, Deadly Origin's in game bio specifically says her name is Natasha Alianovna Romanoff

  4. Instead of scaling damage as difficulty, I wouldn’t mind seeing them put champion gates variant 4 style. If they said you can only bring maxed out 4 stars or r3 5 stars I’d be okay with that.

  5. I got the 3rd edition of platpool message.

    "Hello Scrub,

    Nice 5v1 there, I figured you will be up to your usual…"

    if you want the image hmu with your lineid or discord info.

  6. I don't think she is Yelena. In the comics, Yelena was the explanation for Black Widow having blonde hair.
    I think the new BW is just meant to look more like the MCU BW in the new movie.

  7. Yeah man great theory about black widow comics and movies are different for sure they can switch the character how they want Nicky fury in the comics was a white guy but i like that Samuel L Jackson plays him in the movies he nailed that role!

  8. When someone does a rift is it guaranteed that plat pool will intercept u, any know if its 100% everytime you do a rift he will intercept u.

  9. Please I hope next month lizard or black cat.

    I hope next month not again spiderman , iron man or thor , captain america…….. 😩

  10. I love your beard , it looks like Wolverine. Just clean your moustache and u will look exactly like him. Love from India. 😍😍🇮🇳🇮🇳

  11. Elena "BELOVA" or may be it is "Elena Bulova" 🙂

    Also… @Richy – dude.. get back to the OFFICIAL Movie Trailer.. AND TAKE A LOOK AT THE "HAIR COLOR" 🙂
    I think she isnt… i think she is a O.G. Black Widow.
    Correct me if i'm wrong 😛

  12. Galactus is coming to the contest, but I doubt he will be a playable character, maybe just a boss fight. The champion that month should be Platnom pool😂

  13. Actually if you look Black Widow (Deadly Origin) Bio, it was Natasha Romanoff.

    Maybe a Black Widow with #Villain and it is Yelena Belova thing on November

  14. for me the problem with the cop presentation is that they seem to only want to be transparent with you tubers, which is in my opinion a bad idea. it seems like its their way of stopping the feedback by stopping the people making the critical videos. I think I speak for most mcoc players when I say we want action, not ambiguous hype


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