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Watch the first chapter of Critter Valley Black if you haven’t seen it yet!
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welcome back to crITter valley. the writEr of the following story wanted you to know that it was adapted froM a reddit post by a user named blackCartridgebeliever98. after being interviewed Over email, the post was then Deleted and so was any sign of the usEr. this is the conclusion to what he discovered from his reSearch.

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Hosted By
Markeia McCarty

Written By
Ivan Salazar

Story Coordinator
Sabina Graves

Story Edited By
Sabina Graves
and Markeia McCarty

Jonny “Detecto” Ashley

Audio Editor
Fitz Harris

Video Editor
Jonny “Detecto” Ashley

Analise Nelson

Executive Producer
Gayle Gilman


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  1. Does anyone know why Saphire doesn't do these videos anymore? Don't get me wrong I really like how rakia (sorry for bad spelling) does them to I'm just curious

  2. Something creepy and unexpected happens in the game

    Boots the game system up again

    Huh smart


  3. Markeia's is really nice for the cool and immersive storytelling and Sapphire's is great with portraying emotion, least that's my opinion. They're just both awesome!!!

  4. Hi! I have a scary story for you, I would have emailed it you but my email is rlly playing up at the moment. I wrote this story myself, inspired by the song Siren by Kailee Morgue. I call my story, The Purple Siren
    Once, there was a young girl called Jasmine. She loved nothing more than going to the beach, collecting shells and her favorite thing on the beach is the ocean; but little did she know, it would be her last.

    "Woops! I've forgotten the umbrella again! Charles, Can you help me get it out of the car boot?" Jasmine's mother asked her husband. He answered and left with her and replied, "We wont be too long Jasmine, just stay here." Jasmine nodded and continued to play with her favorite toy, Ruby; named by her beautiful red dress, with white thrills.

    About half an hour later, there was still no sign of her parents. Jasmine soon got bored and decided to go paddle in the shallows. She happily splashed around in her pink swimsuit and sung a song that her Mother sang to her: 'Dandelions, Dandelions all in a row, the ocean's breeze against my little boat.' The rhyme stated. Before long, she saw a stunning seashell sunk in the sand of the glistening ocean. Jasmine proudly collected the shell and polished it with a thrill on her swimsuit. It was a white-ish pink colour and it was such a majestic shape. She was full of glee when she saw a second shell in the soft sand; Jasmine shimmied over and collected her second prize when she noticed a small trail of them, leading further into the vast ocean. She was too entranced to notice the rise in water.

    Jasmine continued to go deeper and deeper, collecting each shell on her way. Suddenly, a wave came over her and flushed her under. Jasmine held her nose. When she opened her eyes, everything was blue. Just blue. Her shells fell from her clenched hand, while her teddy was gripped tight. She tried to swim to the service, but it was no good. Jasmine was trapped. Soon after, her heart beat slowed to the rhythm of the waves; her lungs filling with the salty liquid. Her soul let go of her existence as the sea corseted her small, fragile body. Jasmine was gone.

    Dark humanoid silhouettes swam to the girl. Every time she splashed in the shallows, she would sing that same song, 'Dandelions, Dandelions all in a row, the ocean's breeze against my little boat.' The creatures felt pity on the young girl, and let her live a second life; but in this life, she was turned into a elegant Siren with a long, lilac, scaly fish tail. Her hair was paper white, and her eyes were blood-red. She claimed the name Ghost.

  5. Unrelated , but I hate how you basically pay for EVERYTHING in animal crossing new herizons . Like , can my islanders HELP ME FOR ONCE

  6. The fact that game charachter has 四 (yon/shi) in his shirt is a really nice detail, it means four and considered as unlucky number due to its pronounciation being similar to death= sı/ shi

  7. Scary story suggestion :
    I was at my friend's house because I wanted to play with him for school holidays 🏫🌺. I thought it was boring because he had nerd guns and was playing with them inside his house 🔫😒. We went outside and he showed me his tree house that he and his friends were working on and I was sort of impressed 🌳🏠😮? "Cool! A little empty though! Haha!" I laughed 🗣️😂. Anyway his other friend , I'll call him Blake came to his house to play nerd gun 👦🏿🔫. He was my friend's neighbour and also one of my classmates 🏠🏠🏫. I thought it was boring so I looked around the area to see if anything was new and.. the car park gave me a chill down my spine.. it was almost like the area seemed abandoned and creepy so I decided to stop looking around 👀!

    My friend which I will now call Ben decided to play Hide and Seek and his other friend I'll call him David decided to join 👀👦🏻! I was so excited to play!! David was counting and my friend Ben said to follow him because he found a good hiding spot earlier today when I wasn't here (At Ben's house) 😃➡️❓.

    David finished counting and we were hiding in our spot and eventually he found us near behind a giant bush 👀👀🌳. We were now searching for my other friend Blake👀❓👦🏿. My other friend Ben quickly hide while David wasn't looking👀❎🏃🏻‍♂️. Me and David found him and continued the search for our friend Blake👦🏻👩🏽.

    It was now sunset and my David decided to go back home which was nextdoor (Of Ben's house)🏃🏻‍♂️🏠. I could tell that he was scared and didn't want to continue and I also got scared 😰. My friend got scared also but we decided to keep searching for him😰🦸!

    We looked everywhere 👀! We did go to the car park and one of the lights TURNED OFF straight away after we stepped into the car park area 💡⚫. We got even more scared but we decided to be brave and just keep searching🦸. It was almost night time and we decided to give up ; I said "What if he at his house?"👦🏿➡️🏠❓. "We would've heard one of Blake's parents if he went to his house!" Ben replied🗣️🔊.

    This is actually a true story 😇

  8. i havent been athcing snarled for a year now and when i press a video this lady comes up….wheres saphire i want her back

  9. He was safe from the haunted Critter Valley cartrage, he could live with only the terrifying memory of the monster, but what did he do? Played it again.

    I would have smashed the tv to pieces, the cartrage, even set the house on fire, get rid of the cartrage , to be safe, and never play anything mysterious again, and no matter how much trouble I was in, I would be safe than dead

  10. see this is the problem, I ain't subbed cuz I know if I watch one one these imma not be able to sleep and imma sweat in bed, I give a whole month then I watch them


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