'The Black Hole' turned on Derek Carr at the Raiders' last game in Oakland | Outside the Lines


ESPN Raiders reporter Paul Gutierrez joins Outside the Lines to discuss whether Oakland fans will embrace the Raiders when the franchise moves to Las Vegas and Derek Carr’s future with the team.

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  1. People need to turn on the tape with Derek (oh we lose the next two, fyi), but Derek is STILL an MVP caliber QB. Watch 2020…legitimate weapons and what’s this? What issss THISSS? IS THIS A COMPETITIVE POSSIBLE TOP 15 Defense ON PAPER!?! Don’t even remember last time we broke top 20

  2. It’s not like they will change in Vegas they will be the same raiders trash and people are saying it will bump up the raider nation so what it’s the same team that’s trash and will be trash so I wish you people luck next year in Vegas it won’t be good

  3. Send Carr to Green Bay. We could use him to back up Rodgers or even take his place. Carr is a great quarterback and is just on a bad team. Green Bay isn't great but, that's my team. So I think Carr would be great there. Just gotta change that number from a 4 to a 3 or 5.

  4. Raiders suck. Period. One winning season since 2003. I might be biased as a Broncos fan, but it’s a fact. Haven’t done jack in over a decade in a half. Honestly between their last home loss and pissing away the last game against Denver in a 2 pt try, I couldn’t dream of a better and more fitting end to their time in Chokeland. Trash team, trash fans, trash stadium. Trash city. And those last two may change as they move to Vegas, but the first two still remain. Go Broncos, screw Jokeland

  5. good..
    good riddance and don't come back you turned your back on the city of Oakland and its fans tell me where is the loyalty in that.??

  6. They will never recreate the same atmosphere in Vegas it's a whole diffrent crowd in Vegas. They will have a new team a palace to play in but many fan's will turn there back on them it took them years to gain fan's and the Franchise show the fan's it's about the money not about fan's or winning game's it's all about the money !!!

  7. Fitting name black hole hahahahaha every visiting team has fucked that black hole hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha,,, THE RAIDERS OF THE LOST CAUSE HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA PATHETIC

  8. Paul Gutierrez is a clown, and an ESPN puppet , He is a Raider Hater , he is not a homie or home boy… Just a square straight up

  9. It didn't help matters when Marky Mark Davis made those really shitty remarks about moving from the city he was born in.

  10. It was kinda like when you break up with your ol’ lady… you say and do some foul stuff… but you don’t mean it

  11. Nobody turned on Carr. It was just disappointing that the TEAM (as a whole) did not come through with a win. Plain and simple. Carr cant win a game literally by himself. It's the the team we were frustrated with.

  12. Im a raider for life as a Raider fan we been cursed by so many things im just waiting to see whats going to happen when they start in Las Vegas..

  13. I don’t think the raiders should leave but
    Seems like every body is leaving California, sad
    Branch Stabler Casper madden been a fan since 1970s Good luck to the Raiders we will miss you

  14. ESPN and the national media…tales, lies, and exaggerations…I was at the game…the boos were for the nfl, the refs, Mark Vegas, and Chuck E. Cheese…wow how the national media spun this story

  15. I'm from BMORE and I feel bad for OAKLAND. That was messed up that they did the CITY OF OAKLAND like that. Hopefully they will move back to OAKTOWN after the first SEASON in LV.

  16. ᗯᕼY ᑭEOᑭᒪE ᕼᗩTE ᗪEᖇEK ᑕᗩᖇᖇ Iᑎ OᗩKᒪᗩᑎᗪ ᗯᕼᗩT ᕼᗩᐯE ᕼE ᗪOᑎE?

  17. What's heat breaking is Carr poor performance the last three games. He's not a starter and Jon will replace him.

  18. The way I see it is not to give up on Derek Carr as our QB just yet. Next year will be his third year under Coach Gruden's system. I don't see mention of the dropped passes DC has had to endure in the last few games. If Tyrell Williams had caught that 4Q pass put right on his numbers, we would have gone on to beat the Jags last week. Yet none of DC's detracters have anything to say on that crucial point of the game. Plus can not forget Daniel Carlson's missed FG. If we make that FG, it would have put more pressure on the Jag's rookie QB, Minshew to score the game-winner. The game against the Jets was a comedy of errors and more dropped passes. Look, next year we need to load up on star quality WRs and LBs. Rather than waste a draft pick on an unproven pro QB, instead, go hard for WRs and LBs. These two positions on our team are our key weaknesses. Bring in Ron Rivera to lead our D and Gruden's brother, Jay, to co-lead our O. Acquire Marcus Mariotta to compete for the backup position. Finally, it might be a good idea to ask DC to start speaking more about football in front of the press.

  19. Derek Carr did enough to win that game, when he scrambled for the first down, that should have been the game winning play had the refs not screwed us over by calling him out of bounds. That was a stellar play he made that should have been enough to run out the clock. Even with this, he threw 2 hail Mary's, one hits a receiver in the face! Is he supposed to catch for them too? I mean come on…some of you are ridiculous. Give him good receivers and a decent defense that is not made out of wet paper, and I guarantee he would take us to playoffs consistently.


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