The Black Dragon Conspiracy – New Ancient Alatreon – Monster Hunter World Iceborne! (Lore/Ecology)


With Iceborne Alatreon comes a whole new gem of Black Dragon lore! Enjoy!

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne is out and it is incredible! Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alatreon release date is confirmed so lets look at Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alatreon gameplay and also Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alatreon armor and Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alatreon weapons as we look at Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alatreon attacks and Iceborne Alatreon fight but more than that there’s new Alatreon Ecology and New Alatreon Lore and new Monster Hunter Black Dragon Lore as we look at new Iceborne Alatreon info!

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  1. Alatreon's "water" can freeze AND burst into flames…(b' ')b

    From what I know, the guild burned everything because of superstition. Also, I REALLY shivered at the hint that Alatreon and Safi' Jiiva were going to come back…Potentially together…I know I'll be hunting whatever bastard spawns from them, but not for the gear.


  3. Dont think they ever said he chooses to change, maybe it's the same slot machine but it explodes every time it roles a different element

  4. I’m super excited to face an old enemy once again, the fact that he’s even more powerful now that he can control his elements just brings so much joy to the community. Alatreon you shall perish to the strikes of our weapons, be prepared to die!

  5. Alatreon: I'm the master of elements and I'm going to make you hunters pay
    Me: Yeah, well just try to drop a gem on your first down, will ya?

  6. Here is a tough
    each Black Dragon that appears, even when the same type is compleatly different from each other with only key featured being the same among them all so having info on them could actually be detrimental to the hunter at that point, it is far better to go in blind and expect the unespected than to think its going to be the same fight that was recorded only for it to be a complete different beast
    like we are now seeing how old world Alatreon is so differen from New World, its not that its better at controling its elements, but that this one has only 1 main element at the time but full mobility, as oposed to having 2 elements at the time, but that force you into ground or flying

  7. Finally getting back into the game and boi am I gonna have to grind to get through iceborne to be ready for this beast

  8. Anyone else think arch namielle and kulve where released with this monster in mind? High element damage or heavy heals to survive element change.

  9. The destroyed files on alatreon could be referencing the ancient civilization that existed before with info on about every monster before its destruction

  10. This is what happens when those people that grind mr and hr day n night fr brownie points say the game is too easy

  11. Hmm this is interesting, imagine a hidden vault below the deepest reaches of the city, where information is being kept about these most dangerous dragons. But if all information on these beasts are being kept hush hush I do wonder then why they allow ¨The Legend of the Black Dragon¨ to swirl around, considering that it refers to Fatalis, maybe Fatalis is so darn dangerous that they couldn't by all good means remove all info on it and left the legend to remind people that something truly terrifying might still be out there. I am also interested in how they explain why people can't settle in Schrade.

  12. Maybe World takes place before he was discovered? I've been watching a few lore vids and they said many monsters had to be rediscovered after the elder dragon war put things back in the stone age metaphorically. Extremely new to the lore so maybe this idea is easily disproved idk.

  13. One of my few thoughts when seeing alatreon is the amazing fight and kick ass song of Dhisufiroa, that fight was amazing and the song made you feel like a true badass whilst also making something whose name means "Seraphim Frozen Dragon" equally terrifying and badass

  14. Additionally we do know that black dragons are as smart or smarter then the upper echelons of human society. If so it is possible that black dragons intentionally burn records of their weaknesses and history so as to protect themselves. This might also explain the potential overhyping of dragons like the fatalis of Schrade. It is possible that records of the battle were destroyed by that dragon to cause fear in the humans and protection for himself.

  15. Tbh I don't blame the guild for burning any evidence of black dragons. As you said if anyone finds out they exist and they some fairy tale people would be losing their minds and panic in fear. But what would happen if a black dragon actually flew to civilization and started to fuck up stuff? How's the guild gonna come up with an excuse for that?

  16. I'm pretty sure this is just how they originally wanted Alatreon to be, but couldn't put it due to system limitations of the time. I mean, him changing color and getting different shades depending on the element it got was already a thing in the old world, but not as nearly as noticeable (although it was still stated in it's descriptions and ecology, so despite not having as much of a display in game, that's not exactly new), I'd say the same thing about it being able to focus on every element that his scales generate at a time, instead of sharing two depending on a stance, is probably how they initially pictured it and wanted it to be, but couldn't exactly put in game. Therefore I don't think this has anything to do with it learning to actually control it's elements, HOWEVER, it's believable that this is an older Alatreon due to the tail end being chunkier and the wing membranes not coming down to the tail, so it could mean that it might actually be more aware of it's unstable state and even use it to it's advantage in Escaton Judgement and by mixing elements despite being in another active (I do basically believe too that an element active means that the scales have fully produced high amounts of that elemental energy and Alatreon focuses on using it, so it probably doesn't mean that it won't use other elements, just not as much or as powerful attacks with elements different from it's currently active one.)

  17. "The records of his existence have been burnt" sounds like most of it has been destroyed in/after the great dragon wars or Alatreon killed everybody who has seen him. And not like a guild is burning records conspiracy theory.

  18. This is what happens when people doubt the power of Black Dragons. They come in and destroy everything.

    Safi'jiiva needed to charge up its ultimate attack. Apparently, Alatreon can do the same whenever it feels like it's time to destroy all of existence.

  19. damn i just searched him up cause i remember when he did minecraft build challenges. cant believe he still makes videos.

  20. I was creating my first sticky set so I could farm some skypiercer. But now I can't even use that because of the elemental focus on the fight… Sigh…

  21. seems legit. They never even hire an artist ( hi doodle ) to draw what any surviver says it looks like. Hence the old giant question mark? ?

  22. Idk if this the lack of sleep talking or if I’ve just been watching too much sci-fi, but what if Alatreon was created to oppose Fatalis? Idk I’m tired and this is probably a dumb theory lol


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