The Best 2D Game Engines in 2018


By the end of this video, you’ll know what 2D game engine choices to consider, what type of games these engines have made in the past, and what genres of games they are best used for.

2D games represent the single biggest games market, and these are the best game engines for creating awesome 2D games that can compete on mobile, console, or desktop. Whether you are distributing on iOS, Android, consoles, or Steam, these game engines have the features and track record to deserve your consideration.

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Make Games Without Coding by Using These Engines!:
The best game engines:
The best free game engines:

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  1. If you want to learn more about Game Engines – check out these recent Ask GameDev Videos:

    The best free game engines:
    Best engines that don't require coding:
    The best game engines in 2018:

  2. Too many interruptions during the video makes it not easy to watch, with constant interruptions to mention this video, or that video, or check this and check that. Stay on the point it would make for better videos.

  3. I can't decide between Unity2D and GameMaker Studio 2. I've already bought GMS2 so I thought I would just use it but then I thought it would be better to use Unity because that's the engine I'll use for 3D games.

  4. On our side, We're using and recommending the powerful and underrated Open source 2d game engine Orx:
    Very nice small and nice community there too. You should take a look at it! <3

  5. biggest cheat is that Construct does not use coding. You cannot create games without coding at all, and Construct DOES HAVE coding, althought it is their own language.

  6. Need your help. I need a super easy game engine for grade~school kids. No code. Something they can do in minutes. Thanks.

  7. Unity has so much bugs in it. I'm on my 3rd day figuring out why my sprite is rigged well but doesnt move anywhere in the game tab.


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