TABS – Game Of Thrones Battle For Castle Black! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

Recreating a battle from Game of Thrones in (TABS) Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! Can a halfling take out a god in TABS?


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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a wacky physics-based tactics game. Experience accurate warfare through the ages. TABS uses state of the art physics-based simulation to provide you with never-before-seen insight to our greatest battles of history.



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  1. SO most of the episode consists of trying to defeat Zeus with one halfling but the thumbnail looks cool… right? Now all we need is to have certain battle stances so units can hold their ground.

  2. Age of Mythology theme and sh*t at the beginning… you're a person of culture

  3. ทำ YouTube มากี่ปีแล้วครับ

  4. Play mincraft

  5. Are you like minecraft!

  6. What is this?

  7. game of trones ?

  8. Oh oh I’ve seen some things I should not have seen in Got that have scarred me. If you’ve seen it

  9. 1:20 I was not expecting this

  10. Play more Jurassic world evolution please

  11. Hi

  12. I want a dragon vs zeus

  13. Back handed zap and a butty shake

  14. You are funny enough to make me pee.

  15. Wheres Jon Snow when you need him?


  17. star wars attack of the clones be like 7:12

  18. that head buting halfling made me laugh so hard

  19. My older brother when he is taking my stuff Me : the halfling

  20. I like watching Game of theones im now watching season 8 episode 4 the last one is The long night its when they fight the deads but there is 100 000s of deads and one dragon and 2 giants you need to wacht Game of thrones

  21. It's so funny

  22. A god will never die

  23. at 4:02 the poor halfling behind zeus and yeeted away

  24. 1:19
    Why Tho

  25. Me birthday

  26. I saw captainsauce in the beginning and i hit the like as soon as i did

  27. Did someone see that ballista glitch

  28. Do lord of the rings battle

  29. That's cool I wish I had that game

  30. 2:41
    Halflings:*Get Hit By Zeus’ Lightning Bolt*
    Also Halflings:*gets up like nothing happened* Nope!Nothing Happened!

  31. 1:19 Perverted halfling

  32. Zeus vs mamoth please☺

  33. zeus is now the worst unit because he can die from halflings

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