T.I., The Game + More Have Words For Kodak Black After Disrespecting Lauren London And Nipsey Hussle

Rapper Kodak Black was on Instagram Live when he made a disrespectful comment about Nipsey Hussle’s widow, Lauren London. Various artists like T.I., Tank, The Game, give their take on how Kodak should handle the situation.

Kodak Black on Lauren London (00:11)
T.I. reacts to Kodak Black (00:48)
The Game on Kodak Black (01:03)
Tank on helping Kodak Black (01:22)
Kodak Black responds to his own statement (02:29)
Big Boy reacts to Kodak Black (04:35)

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T.I., The Game + More Have Words For Kodak Black After Disrespecting Lauren London And Nipsey Hussle

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  2. Black women are never protected in this matter so I'll always stand neutral in this type of situation.

  3. How was that DISRESPECTFUL 0

  4. He disrespected a deceased brother which he did not know. All radio stations should band him. The only way people will respect people is by making examples… we have to start somewhere. He did not disrespect someone in a rap song or competition… he disrespected someone deceased and his family was disrespected as well. No excuses for why the radio or people like T.I. and Game said what they said.

  5. It was bad timing….and shouldn't have been said publicly at this time. Smh…..wait 20 years then say it….it'll go over better then.

  6. Charlamagne I got a prevention revelation I need a couple of community activist and advocates I'll be at Power 105 sit down and talk about some black lives and these black youths and let's start making some changes

  7. Did Nipseys music get banned when he disrespected your President.This is the leader of your country ffs.

  8. Kodak is a piece Of 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  9. hes from florida this isnt suprising

  10. the Breakfast Club??? …disappointed…mad points lost for this one…

  11. Ban Kodak black

  12. Man the breakfast show is disgusting, we have never condoned someone talking over the death that way thats not our culture and we dont care about no Kodak Black, this is why I hate yall and I'd prefer Vlad TV all day!

  13. She do gotta baby by lil Wayne tho , so you know looks dont matter


  15. start by banning kodak that will start the consistency

  16. These little immature weirdos need to simply go away. The ignorance is so deep with them. Smmfh…

  17. needs a ass whooping

  18. Charmeleon When Your RESPECTED by people of course they are going to have your back.

  19. This why I like Charla. He's the only one on here that keeps it 100. All these rappers talking about killing and selling drugs but you wanna ban an artist for sending flirtatious subliminal messages. The hypocrisy is amazing.

  20. That same station better had banned YNW Melly too then

  21. All this about cause he wanna stick his ding-a-ling in her cootie cat 🐈😂🤣😬🤔

  22. That nigga Charlamane said " they barely played Nipsey on the radio in L.A….lol

  23. Who addresses a person through social media…their responding this way through the media for sensationalism just like "Breakfast Club Power" regardless of the legend of Nipsey, this is celeb worship looking to be worshiped, picking their moments to be seen. F*&K Kodak, T.I, the Game, and the whole crew at BCP. Charthelame dog – lil b-yatch!!!

  24. Its different when saying that $h#t when someone passes but I hope Nipsey faked his death make everybody look $tupid.

  25. There is no such thing as "consistency" in this case. People have an individual right to draw the line of disrespect where they feel it belongs. Nipsey was more than just a "rapper" to many people and those people have the right to feel some kinda way about such a disrespectful statement.

  26. I agree wit Charlemagne

  27. Play the whole clip Kodak explained what he meant

  28. Give Kodak a break he was booted off the lean and broccoli when he made those comments

  29. My nigga 💯 he said they dont even play Nipsey music on our radio and they dont they jusy started when he died real shit we hear more Kodak then Nipsey 😂😂😂

  30. You never see other cultures disrespecting each other or killing each other like blks

  31. Education is key please black folks 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  32. Don’t blame the police 👮🏾‍♀️ cuz we kill each more than anyone

  33. This is why I listen to Black Power 96.3 FM Radio. Plays all black music from all over the world as long as it’s clean and non-degrading to the black community. That way when we sum things up like this it’s not hypocrisy, but instead it’s consistent with the mission. BlackPower96[dot]org – get the free mobile Black Power 96 app and control the narrative!

  34. Kodak is foul for that but how much y'all wanna bet the ones all up and arms be the same niggas in her inbox trying to holler down the line.

    My cousin passed, I remember his BM showing me her inbox, all his so called niggas in her inbox trying to holler.

  35. Tupac: God bless the dead.
    Respect the dead and there own, even if for a moment.

  36. Fake ass apology rolled his eyes when he said it.


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