T-34-2G FT – First Impressions


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  1. can you play AT7 with stock gun it got 6pdr(57mm) autoloader of doom with 10 rds in clip 12s to reload them

  2. It was the killing shot on a tomato, of course it low-rolls, that is what always happens in this game 😀

  3. Out of the whole tree this one stood out as one I'd like to play as well, also better pen than Russian TDs at that tier.

  4. The tier 6 and 7 have pretty much Swedish camo levels. I was sitting in a bush with camo nets on, and the enemy drove 60 meters in front of me and I didn't get spotted.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA… Enjoy those new TD's. I am done with the game for good. Not going to bother with that shit. Either spend $ or get an ulcer from stress.

    Before anyone says "they need to make money somehow." 5 Billion in 8 years… Now STFU! -_-

  6. ISn't this a test server? Then why do people still playing with their old tanks ( like lkv 103, kv 2 )? Wouldn't they be testing the new changes and tanks ?

  7. So it's got the same reload as the su 122 44 and better gun handling? That's awesome lol might get it since I have the SU 122 44

  8. It looks like they took all the small annoying things with all the other TDs in the game and made sure to at least smooth them out if not fixing them altogether. I suppose players should be happy about that except for it still leaves all those annoying things still active for the existing TDs.


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