Suzuki TU250X Honest Review | TU250 as a First Motorcycle


Just a quick video today on a great beginner motorcycle that often forget, a Suzuki TU250X honest review and whether or not you should get a TU250 as a first motorcycle. It should be on anyone’s list of top beginner motorcycles for sure. Without further nonsense, here is a quick Suzuki TU250X review.

The TU250X is a modern “classic” styled standard motorcycle boasting a 250cc engine and a low price tag. What makes it awesome, especially under a standard or “non-sportbike” style of beginner bike, is that it is also fuel injected. You can also get fuel injected bike in the 250/300/400cc sport bike segment, but they also cost more money.

In my humble opinion, the Suzuki TU250 is hands down the best 250cc and under (non-sport) beginner motorcycle money can buy at this point, especially if you can get one used, which you usually can for very cheap.


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  1. I absolutely LOVE my TU250! The fuel injection is a great feature. It’s light, nimble, and has a good sized seat ( the Rebel and the V-star had tiny, pointed seats that hurt my fanny just sitting on them in the showroom!). It’s easy to work on when doing regular maintenance like oil changes and the filters are readily available at my local parts store. The most surprising feature is how eye catching it is! Even seasoned Harley riders come up to me and tell me how cool they think it is. She’s definitely been a conversation starter.
    We lovingly call her “Susie Q” and no matter how many bikes I bring home, she’ll always be a part of the family

  2. I rode one, they aren't bad little bikes. I weigh more than it does, it feels like I can hop off and throw it over my shoulder. And the gas mileage is absurdly good unless you are hitting a lot of lights on a 45-55 mph road. They don't have much go go.

  3. If this was about 400cc. Or maybe 300cc 2 cilinder i could hit the highway a bit more. Do you know anythimg like this ?

  4. What do you mean really really cheap? How much is a used 2015 model worth? Let’s say 6000 miles no accident. Thank you

  5. Wish they made one that’s a little bigger. Being 6’3 190 lbs, a lot of these beginner bikes seem too small for me.

  6. in my country
    starting June 2020
    all vehicles ( even low range cc with cheaper pricing) will get fuel injection
    as part of the euro 6 fuel emmision standard

  7. I am 66 yr. old, never road a scooter before. I am 195, what would be a good starter scooter? your videos are vg. ty

  8. I don't really consider the tu250 to be a "beginner bike" because it's honestly too cool in a true motorcyclist way that takes years to acquire the taste for.

  9. I've had mine for a couple months now, and the more i ride it the more i love it. The bike is actually 320lbs. You can check out a quick review i have on my channel if you like.

  10. This was my first motorcycle I still have today, and ride it.. mine was a brand new 2013 silver at the time. $,4,700 out the door. Get yourself a 16tooth front sprocket and you can cruise with the bike at 70MPH all day long it get's 200 miles on a 3 gallon tank of gas with a 33 miles on reserve. Top speed with needle maxed is 100-105 MPH and yes I've done it. Don't expect to pass anyone on this bike though. I have 9,000 miles on mine now I've done 400 miles in a day on this bike too! I just bought a new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 last year however so this bike does not see as much love just around town these days.

  11. This is the bike I used for my Pennsylvania Basic MSF! A fun little bike that would be dope for a cafe racer project.

  12. If you do a search for "tu 250 custom", you will get some really simple, super looking bikes. First good idea is to remove that stupid pillion seat…

  13. Good deals on used ones? Maybe if they ever came up for sale, I've never seen a used one for sale, they did not sell many of these. It's a fine bike but just like you people forget about it or have zero awareness of it's existence. But if you want one get one soon, Suzuki is dropping it from the lineup.

  14. i've ridden smaller bikes for 15 years and am considering buying one of these.. theres one in my parking lot that hasn't moved for over a year and was recently blown over during a strong windstorm.. after it laid there for a week, I stood it back up and stuck a note on it.. we'll see.


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