Surviving 1,000,000 Zombie Island Apocalypse New Survival Game | The Black Masses Gameplay


Surviving 1,000,000 Zombie Island Apocalypse New Survival Game | The Black Masses Gameplay


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Videos may be more frequent and playthroughs completed based on your views & likes! It helps to know what you want to see the most! Thanks!

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  1. Oh, that's a lot of zombies 10:30 WOW

  2. can u multiplayer this ??

  3. seriously, you're just gonna leave the rake

  4. knife is the best item bc dex

  5. "Get rekt" zombies stand back up

  6. This game has lots of potential. They could transform it to a really cool survival game: build base, fight necromants, more types of zombies, magical weapons, conquer a castle and defend it…

  7. Raptor, you need to keep your eyes open and comment a little bit less, cause mate you walked by muskets and other weapons or valuable items

  8. I'd… rather just play dead by daylight… or just wait for 2 to come out

  9. Really hope they improve the animations… When You're targeting a single zombie it would be nice if your animations felt like they connected.

  10. looks like poor game

  11. Toilet paper lol

  12. in the tower with the broken sword was die another part of the sword.
    I think you need it before you can repair it.
    8:45 on top of the chest

  13. "I guess Kaine was….dead tired"


  14. If you have "ultimate" use it that's like owning a mustang but deciding to take a uber

  15. disapointed there was no "get raked nerds" or "they are really raking it in" still love you

  16. @9:53, "Christ compels you!"…I spat out my mountain dew. LOL. You got a new subscriber!

  17. Never played this game, but I think that this skill system uses the cumulative style of skill tree, normally 5~10 Points in the same proficiency, gives you a new path.
    Nice play xDDD

  18. When the light orb said wake up i heard "Alfredo" x'D

  19. Learn a lot about how NOT to do things from games like this.
    I've watched a lot on level design lately. Those two scaffolds (you know things designed for climbing on) on either side of the building, but it's the rock face you have to climb is not intuitive!

  20. Glory to Raptoria!

  21. Wait I think I heard of this game all the way back in 2018 where it showed a massive city with similar mechanics

  22. Is this what the Coronavirus will look like?

  23. For some reason this video was really irritating, i still left a like though!

  24. When you ran around town you scattered the group you needed to kill so naw you have to find them all again

  25. Get wreck nerds😂😂😂

  26. Love the toilet paper joke. Toilet paper and yeast should be in every survival game now 😂😂

  27. Glory to raptoria

  28. Loving all these open world survival games Atm.

  29. Sorry raptor not that into this game but will leave a like due to your line : someone here I poke you🤣🤣 made me laugh so hard✌🏽keep up the good work silly goof

  30. At the town

  31. Yeah the thousands of zombies is annoying but once you get DARK arts you can easily kill them or just use like 50 to 80 grenades lol 😂

  32. The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, It slayeth thyne enemies.

  33. Leads the horde at the base of the tower to the docks, questions why the horde isn't dead

  34. Good luck finding TP

  35. It’s all gone

  36. Idk why everybody wants toilet paper

  37. So let me guess, this is in early access?
    Edit: yep, I thought as much.

  38. @Raptor If this game and Long Dark had a baby, it would be beautiful!!

  39. It was all fun and games, until the swarm activated.

  40. i arrived a bit late, view nº 218 for me xD

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