StreamLabs OBS: How to Fix the Game Capture Black Screen | No BS Edition

StreamLabs OBS: How to Fix the Game Capture Black Screen No BS Edition

Mountie Carl and Pause Screen teach you the proper way of fixing the Streamlabs OBS Game Capture Blackscreen – for real this time.

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  1. Sure no BS it takes 5 mins to get to the point

  2. Still didnt work i just wanna capture the xbox app but it wont work its just a black screen still

  3. Tysm!!

  4. I can’t drag anything around

  5. it took you four minutes just to get to the point, please make your videos more concise

  6. first tip worked thanks lol

  7. I have been trying to record my minecraft window with game capture or window capture then you mentioned fullscreen and my minecraft was in fulllscreen so i switched it to window mode and window capture worked with it!

  8. bro i have a mac smh

  9. Dude everything worked perfectly, I don't know why people are shitting on you. lol Thank you for your help!

  10. When im trying to stream on obs it shows that im capturing my game but on stream it is just a black screen how do i fix this

  11. Thanks, works on the first minute. =D
    admin rulez

  12. it dosent let me make it so it captures my game

  13. Run in Administrator mode fix all error

  14. You just teach us how to do run as administration. Poor Tutorial

  15. still dont work for me 🙁 it works on all games exept tibia plz help me

  16. lol get to the point

  17. bodo

  18. like when i stream the other content doesnt show up

  19. I got half of the screen black how did that happen and is it fixable cause I could seen half of the video but the other half is black

  20. Thanks so much dude, I’ve went through so many tutorials on how to fix it like going through files and stuff when all along I just had to go in windowed full screen

  21. “No BS Edition”


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