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Steel Molds – Big Brass Medallions – Trash To Treasure – Scrap Bin Search – Brass Melt

Today i Scope out the scrap Metal bin for some super cheap and easy to use big steel coin molds . I simply use a heap of steel pipe ends clamped to a steel flat bar and it works beautifully.



I have a PO box address below incase anyone wants to send a letter or anything 😬👍🏻.

D Heighway
P O Box 490
Bunbury 6231
WA , Australia

Forge supplied by my friend over at Devil-Forge , They sell a huge selection of forges , Furnaces , burners and even an the most awesome 5 burner sword blacksmiths furnace on the internet.


Also check out this link for his online shop

Steel Molds – Big Brass Medallions – Trash To Treasure – Dumpster Diving Casting Molds – Brass Melt

Nguồn: https://scoutdawson.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://scoutdawson.com/tong-hop/


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  1. Hey! Where exactly are your scrap bins? are they commercial dumpsters?

  2. Cara eu adoro seu trabalho

  3. зделай из алюминивых бутылак сплав пожалосто!!!…

  4. Those are awesome bro 👊🏻

  5. I keep imagining the work that must be done for everything when it oxidizes! 😰😂

  6. "ok time to check the scrap bin" this channel is amazing:D

  7. It's about 4:00 in the morning just Finnish doing tattoos Now that I'm home ITS TIME TO KICK BACK WITH A COLD CHOCOLATE MILK & BINGE WATCH MY FAVORITE CHANNEL, MY BIG BRO STACKS

  8. j adore ton trésor

  9. Are you sure you're not secretly a dragon or something.

  10. Fc ครับ

  11. You should seriously write a book. Mixes, tips, tool making, safety tips , pics of Ingot. I'd buy two.

  12. Melt steel some time

  13. 👍

  14. As always, amazing melt!

  15. My God those are sexy.

  16. Ever misspell a word while stamping?

  17. Ugh, I feel horrid that I missed this one from so far back, I've been watching y'all for this long… I would like almost kill for a piece of your work…..

  18. What was with all the chains and bearings

  19. Beautiful clean brass. Excellent poor. Amazing castings. You are great at this. I’m hooked. Ur videos are awesome

  20. Wow! You were firing your furnace near parked cars – without a barrier between!

  21. Привет из России, видео классное

  22. Gangsta till he is rich

  23. Melt pure stainless-steel

  24. Nice work as usual! What wheel do you normally use on your angle grinder for the first grind/sanding?
    Cheers, Terry

  25. Big, you are a GOD in the word of smelting. I have learned so much from you in the short time that i have been doing this.

    I have 1 question. I see that your furnace has a even flow of flame. My furnace has a sturdle like if it has a flow of air or something is blocking the flow. Could it be that my crucible is too close to the hole and is cause to skip the flow. Its hard to explain especially when im new to this. Im sure theres a name for this. Thanks

  26. Good work for a man. I hope to do such a job but do not have the equipment and capabilities.

  27. I love it. You go from average size to huge brass BigstackD Coins!!
    Cheers, My Friend!!!

  28. These coins came out magnificently shiny! They're beautiful D! They look like straight up gold to me! Mmmm! Fantastic!

  29. Great as always Mate, trying to find where you forged the guns?

  30. It would be cool of at the end of each video, you included the current weights of all metals as well as the value of the collection in total. Would be neat to see how much this work has yielded over time

  31. Idol Pleass i needed give me. ☝✋🙏😊❤

  32. Wow!!!! Amazing work!

  33. She left the door unlocked again…. I got her car keys now let's see what we can melt

  34. why don't you put a raised grating over the top of the furnace for pre heating the molds?

  35. Fuck I "accidentally" hit subscribe

  36. What did you put in was that wax?

  37. You should make a copper sword or a bronze one or both

  38. everyone of your videos is a treasure

  39. Big Stacks you need a surface grinder. Cheers

  40. Where do you get the brass from?

  41. At 3:13 when you started skimming, did you turn off the gas? If so, can you restart by simply turning gas back on? I’m still figuring that part out with my Devil Forge. Thanks!

  42. Is the oven hot enough to melt silver? And how much propane do you need for one casting (circa)?

  43. Make something purely from metal powder

  44. Big money.

  45. Your vids are cool as f**k

  46. Hate to tell you this

    Be easier with a induction coil. Just need a car battery. Few coils.

    And a hand held spectrometer. To make scraping easier and better.

    Also wet clay. Can help you with building new crucibles. With various sands and minerals. Be amazed what you can do.

  47. I was thinking, can you cast plates you can use to eat off of?

  48. Am I the only one to notice that he acts a bit like howtobasic

  49. 👏🏻👏🏻

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