Steampianist with Nai – The Scrap Boy – Feat. Vocaloid Oliver


A collaboration with the magnificent Nai

when she gave me the story i was very excited to arrange it into music :)… i like metallic and mechanical sounds

Nai did a very very wonderful job on the video. Pure Fantasy

Also this is apparently for oliver’s 5th anniversary. we are a little late on the asian side of the world but we are just right on time with the… uh…… westerner’s side so we hope you enjoyed this and thank you for watching

mp3 download

OFF VOCAL download

Art, Story and Video by Nai
Japanese Translation by Shius
Music and Tuning by Steampianist
Vocals by Oliver

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  1. If you listen carefully at 8:55
    The doll, the robot and the boy have different voices and they sang together at the last line.

  2. I love this story, it tells of a robot who doesn't want to make the mistake from his past life, an orphan with a hidden talent and his rabbit plush. Together they help each other and become friends. The moral: Friendships can last with those we have lost and we can make freinds with others who have lost others. Or that is what I think it is

  3. I just missed this song and the prequel song. When I heard after three years had passed, I couldn't help to shed a tear. I missed hearing this and I still love it.

  4. Aww, this is lovely! It also lowkey reminds me of Sasori, who found comfort in his parents-turned-puppets and then decided to become one himself. It seemed creepy and weird back then, but now I'm feeling quite deep about it all. This is definitely one of my favourite songs!

  5. dang… still sad… even though "happy" ending

    so, we got a doll, a kid, and another kid… but the he won't have a body, despite his soul is in the machine, and then the kid(adult) will die soon… while the robot can keep living because he's practically only live on electricity…. and the doll would rot away… so like… the boy would be all alone again…

  6. this song… I am not being mean to you, but the music with voice, is suck. the background music is perfect. but the words are not fit in the song, you know. I like the Off Vocal version better, or just change some word make it better. It's only a suggestion.

  7. Oh my gosh, this is beautiful, the art, the lyrics and it's just amazing. Thank you Steampianist, i love all your songs

  8. Adoro los finales felices :v bueno niños recuerden no aceptar dro.. hajam perdón peticiones de desconocidos , asta la proooxima.


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