Stealth Game, Oh no no no… | Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag – xQcOW Gameplay

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The year is 1715. Pirates rule the Caribbean and have established their own lawless Republic where corruption, greediness and cruelty are commonplace.Among these outlaws is a brash young captain named Edward Kenway.


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  1. El Bumper O_O

  2. CEO of not paying attention

  3. Graphics of a 2004 game and gameplay worse than flappy bird. Ubisoft.

  4. ah yes. The good 'ol days.

  5. 2:54:06 accurate

  6. the best ac 🙂

  7. one of the better of the new ass creed games and you can still use fleet app if you download the app from external site as it is no longer on google play

  8. This was my favourite game when I was young

  9. The last good Assassin's Creed game.
    Was one of the best too, imo.

  10. The chat at 5:25 LEGENDARY SEX SCENE

  11. man he sucks so much at every game almost

  12. Holy shit I know he is never going to touch it again but this stream was so good. Laughing at him being the worst pirate I've ever seen and boat fights with chat was just all so perfect. 10/10 would watch again if he wasn't A ONE TIME TIMMY

  13. Remaster this shit

  14. I wish hed give AC2 a try, its the goat of AC games he might actually enjoy it

    But who am I kidding this Pepega would quit after 2 hours

  15. 1:58:52

  16. Tough one to stomach

  17. pirate: Shes slow and Fat
    chat: Yep you just described my Mom

  18. Captain Henry Averies PogU

  19. He’s not gonna play it again is he? PepeHands

  20. Ha, you thought that he was going to play the stealth game like a stealth game. Idiot.

  21. Dont think this was a bad ac only bad one in my eyes was syndicate

  22. un esti de bon jeux

  23. FFFuck off , this gave me such nostalgia , so bad-ass having your own ship and your own crew , exploring the open seas , coming back to land from time to time. This back in 2013-14 defined what a good pirate game should actually be.

  24. Hikaru sent me


  26. Holy shit as soon as he turns Physix off it becomes so smooth. Dono PogU

  27. wish he would finish GTA vice city, San Andreas, GTA 4 and Resident evil 2 remake before starting assass creed haha

  28. shouldve started with ac 2

  29. 1:23:18 someone in chat said the assassins were xqc's stream snipers lmao

  30. Wow such great combat! Is this the new God of War game?!?

  31. editor deleting youtube comments now thats a weirdchamp

  32. fucking vegans chat

  33. PVC Uploads 5 hour 'Gameplay' And Doesnt Finish It.. I Know Hes Busy With Other Stuff But Fukn Hell Man Finish A Game

  34. I beat this game when I was 9 pepelaugh


  36. Is this guy not tired constantly getting trolled and insulted by his chat ?

  37. I wish he played ac rouge he will kill french soldiers at the game

  38. 3:30:40 Somebody please explain how he got stealth for that mission wtf LULW

  39. 666

  40. BEST AC games after Ezio Trilogy
    sad he will not finish this game like skyrim

  41. Man, the chat trolls him so much, sometimes it's funny but most of the time I feel bad for him because he's just trying to be nice lol

  42. So much fun to watch

  43. “Commit the war crimes, were all in!”

  44. One of the few AC games I've ever played. By far my second favorite of them all.

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