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Stages of labor – physiology

What is labor? Labor describes the hard work involved in delivering a baby, which starts with uterine contractions and ends with delivery of the placenta.

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  1. Good to know .. Thanks

  2. Thank you so much. This is extremely clear and concise. We are expecting our first child in 60 days!

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  4. Nice way

  5. I’m about 9-ish weeks away from having my first and I’m nervous and terrified but also excited for him to be here 😅 pregnancy is so confusing

  6. Talking about the title in Arabic
    Would you please correct it into المخاض Which means labor
    instead of المخاط Cuz this means mucus🙊

    Thank you for your efforts and for the Arabic subtitles🌼🌼 Really helpful🌼🌻

  7. Is it of class 4

  8. Really helpful👌👌👌

  9. im going into labor with my gf tmr im scurrr

  10. This video is nyce but has lots of inaccuracies.

  11. thank you, it helps me a lot!

  12. can I upload this on our page?

  13. 3 hours with my first baby let’s hope I get lucky this time around

  14. Subtitle indonesia please

  15. Thanks

  16. Osmosis is Great . I always start a topic watching your video which makes it interesting to read and understand. 😁

  17. ty for your help. love u

  18. Thank u so much.. this is very useful

  19. Actually itz reqvest for uhh please upload also related to pediatric

  20. thanks

  21. Very clear and informative.

  22. Very nice and helpful information

  23. سبحان الله

  24. Very very useful and helpful ❤️, ☺️☺️😍

  25. Thank you. As a new birth doula I found this so helpful. God bless.

  26. This video really helps you understand the basic concepts of labor but for med school you have to go in much deeper. Thanks

  27. I like her voice , please bring her more

  28. Thank you

  29. I just copied down every word she said

  30. According to the references I used, engagement first before descent then flexion. :/

  31. Tq s for making this video

  32. I like the way you have a woman teaching Obstetrics 🙌🏾👏🏾❤️

  33. My due is November 18…
    But until now I'm not giving birth…

    Wat should I do???

    I'll go to my oby but he said it's a false labor that tym

  34. Babys didn't evolve they were created

  35. Delivery of a FETUS?? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??!!! It’s a BABY. Say it with me BA-BY!

  36. F

  37. I don't like the sound of this lady , please present with man sound

  38. Just so you know .a lot of this information is incorrect. EX: there are 3 phases in stage 1 of labor.

  39. Would you please make a video about ctg (cardiotocography)

  40. Tons of thanks from nursing student

  41. Watching this gives me abdominal cramps.

  42. ليست "أطوار المخاط" بل هي "أطوار المخاض"

  43. learnisnotzbigdealbut

  44. Whatever u call that it still feels like forever hahahhaha

  45. she kinda look drunk when she talks though

  46. Awesome

  47. Hello plz can u tell me…which is the hardest part of the labor….next month is my due date….

  48. Awesomely informative and perfectly explained! Thank you so much! 😊😊 23/8/2019

  49. 👍👍👌

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