It’s time to test Jason Blundell at his own game. Will he be able to spot the difference with Zombie images? Apothicon Servant Upgrade hint, Mob of the Dead tease & more. ENJOY!
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  1. Seeing Jason Blundell getting Jason Blundell'ed is very fun to watch

  2. I translated the meaning of Nar Ullaqua Arbgwaoth at 9:18
    It came up with The fire of Arabguth relationship

  3. In the second one I'm sure that speed cola and couple tap have been switched as Well

  4. I like how he says dlc4 wonder weapon?? Well not for bo3 but you called it for bo4 haha

  5. We will miss you Jason blundell

  6. He technically didn't lie about there being a new Wunderwaffe in DLC 4, he just didn't specify which game.

  7. He didn't know the name of fire bow because he too is waiting for NoahJ's tutorial.

  8. 12:05 With all of the theories going around with Call of the Dead possibly being DLC4 in BO4, Jason saying it's a significant map… I'm curious if they had the ideas for present day into the story back in 2016 for it to be significant in addition to what it meant back then

  9. Wow watched this 3 Years and a day after this just to know he got fired from treyarch supposedly 🙁

  10. Nero Spin off game ftw.

  11. Riddling the riddler

  12. Is looks like dalek is wherein eye shadow

  13. I would like to speak to herr blundell

  14. I knew the fire bow one

  15. Bro, isn't this guy supposed to be that guy with glasses and curly hair that knows everything about his maps?

  16. Wunderwaffe Geometry Dash

  17. Dalekjd was kind of being annoying to him.

  18. You could see that Jason was getting rather frustrated at not being able to answer all of those (actually very easy) zombies spot the difference questions. But they’re only easy to the players NOT the designers.

  19. Ya can't blame the guy he made the game 4 years ago but for me 6

  20. 17:52 FAT SPIT FROM JOHN

  21. "Very significant map" the foreshadowing is insane

  22. Wow you travels to tray arch for a game of spot the difference then got at most 30 to an hour of play time with the end dlc man 😂😂

  23. R.I.P stan-lee

  24. And he developed zombies

  25. I want to play blood but I don’t have enough knowledge Xbox gt: xDontBanMehx

  26. John is a bully

  27. There was 2 on the second pic, the annihilator icon was orange instead of blue

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