Spontaneous Football Game Prank

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Pedestrians walking in the park are surprised and surrounded by pro football players and get tackled from a sides.

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  1. i haaaaaattttteeee the laughing voices at the background

  2. this not in britin this in canada

  3. this not in britin this in canada

  4. I want my 2 mins of wasted life back after watching this dumb "prank"

  5. Riiiiight… "football"….. -_- I think they ditched the entire concept of american football altogether, put on some pads and helmets to look cool, and then proceeded to play 'Throw-The-Ball-Between-Your-Legs-Into-The-Bushes-And-Start-Pushing-Eachother' ball. 

  6. Man ditches his wife! LOL

  7. LoL anyone else notice the fall at 1:09?

  8. I am the HC of this team, and just came across this. Very funny indeed.

  9. I am the #69 that fell down the hill at 1.09. just found this video again 🙂

  10. I Hate Smoking ..

  11. cool!

  12. yeap.. that's even better,,, hahaha

  13. uhm…

  14. 1:32 691!1!!1!11!!1!!1!1

  15. 69 lololol 2 funny ass things about that

  16. bad luck 69 falls straight down the hill

  17. that guy totally left his wife behind to save himself! lol

  18. 1:35
    lol, number 17 is a booby player

  19. believe me, no-one does

  20. It's American Football dumbass

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