Sonic and the Black Knight: Water Skating – PART 15 – Game Grumps

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“Local Forecast” and “Gymnopedie No. 1” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  1. I can only imagine the reaction the audible employee who had to watch that part of the vid to give them the go ahead to post.

  2. Of course Merlina was a bad guy. She's the only human we've seen in this game.

  3. 2:27 Actual episode.
    0:00 Support audible.

  4. "death the leopard" actually wouldn't be a bad Sonic OC

  5. Says all he has to do is wiggle, as hes doing so the Moron is fucking up and getting his ass handed to him, your sucha dumbass w go back to complaining the game is to easy then cry like a baby its to hard in the same episode.

  6. 8:30 wait there are mutalisks now?

  7. why is Monokuma selling me audible

  8. I want Dan to play Morrowind on the show

  9. I know why it was not good.

    They spent too much of the budget on those few animated cutscenes

  10. I’d love if the game just becomes good after that cutscene like a whole new game good

  11. idk, that look more fun than most of sonic games if u ask me…
    i mean, really

  12. Arin as been dead inside ever since the black knight

  13. That's a lot of glasses Arin 👓👓👓

  14. They dropped Spongebob without giving it half of a chance and this pile of literal garbage fire gets more after 14 frustrating episodes? Goddamnit guys. As entertaining as it is to watch you lose your shit, I think some games deserve attention more than others…

    As someone who's never played that Spongebob game before but can differentiate a good game from a bad one.

  15. These Ads scare me lol
    And then Arin yells at himself?
    I'm going to assume they were going to do what Sonic adventure did storywise and have other story arcs before the final end I guess.

  16. IGN rated this game a 3.9
    This game came out in 2009.
    9 and 12 are both multiples of 3, 3 and 4 respectively.
    3+4=7, the number of days in a week.
    52 weeks in a year.
    52÷4 (the number this game was rated almost) is 13.
    13…Friday the 13th!
    A well-known movie franchise, the main antagonist of which is Jason Voorhees.

  17. Arin on the shitter is …

    I have audible now


  19. Why are Sonic games so obsessed with playing the credits? Sonic Adventure DX made you watch the credits 7 times. This one played them for no reason after King Arthur. Sonic Adventure 2 plays the credits 3 times. Is it because they know nobody can finish their shitty games?

    (Note: I have logged over 500 hours in SA2B, I’m part of the problem)

  20. 11:45 The best conspiracy theory

  21. 15:30 in the bible it talks of jesus fasting so i guess sonic and jesus would both go fast just in different reguards to the word

  22. what a stupid twist
    "oh no good girl is in fact bad girl ooh nooo"

  23. Kid Icarus Uprising did a much, much better version of the fakeout. Shows how bad this game really is

  24. Oh dear god, Sonic and the Black Knight pulled a Metal Gear Solid 5 before there even was a Metal Gear Solid 5…

    Mind completely blown

  25. It's not a fact that hedgehogs run fast, its tht Sonic is the fastest hedgehog


  27. Arin not caring about merlina turning is possibly the most annoying thing ive seen all week

  28. Not even 5 minutes into the second part the game story improved by like 7

  29. "im gonna have to take like a year break, just letit go for a while…"

    literally the next day

  30. 2:33 is where the action begins.

  31. I love lithium!

  32. 11:48 IGN gave this game a 3.9. 3+9=12, 12÷4=3. IGN is a combination of 3 numbers, there are 3 points in a triangle. The illuminati is represented with a triangle that has an I… IGN is the illuminati confirmed.

  33. One hour of free time each day, Dan? I feel you brother, well, not really, but if I did then you would call the cops on me 😛

  34. 3.9. 3 plus 9 is 12. 1+2 is 3. Holy trinity. Sonic walks on water. IGN declares sonic is the son of god!

  35. i would pay the hell for Arin reading and reacting to a Sonic Fanfic on audible

  36. b a c k a t i t a g a i n a t k r i s p y k r e m e

  37. I’d watch the let’s reads

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