"SO CLOSE…!" – Black Ops 2 – LIVE w/ Ali-A! – (Gun Game)

AliA Black Ops 2 – Gun Game LIVE! Enjoy! 😀
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Lots of you wanted me to jump back on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and record some live commentaries. So enjoy some more COD: BO2 and let me know which weapons/modes you’d like me to play next time. ENJOY! 🙂

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– Ali-A

Video uploaded by Ali-A ( Ali A / Matroix )


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  1. Ur my fav YouTuber in the world

  2. What's that last gun its
    Like a knife

  3. He said welcome to black ops 3 .he predicted the future

  4. i love your videos your the best youtuber ever

  5. He said black ops 3

  6. like the intro song 😂

  7. aim bot

  8. Show de bola

  9. .



  10. hey guys it is me killstreak11 or Noah and I am playing online cod ghost I have been wondering what u guys want me to use in local play because my k/d is just so good online

  11. how do you get so good at sniping

  12. Nice game cam

  13. he said black ops 3 not 2 when I heared that I was like the fuu

  14. ?

  15. what map is this

  16. witch song is in the start

  17. you never finsh game with zero death

  18. Ur tittles do not match up to the actual video

  19. 150 kills with crossbow lol

  20. Awesome cod aliA

  21. sorry

  22. loke

  23. I noticed almost all of your thumbnails for black ops 2 gun game are iron sight ballistas

  24. love gun games I get better at free for all me and my brother love your videos

  25. luv d intro song

  26. The svu is not my favorite gin either

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