SNIPERS vs RUNNERS! (Black Ops 3 – Custom Mini Game!) w/ Ali-A

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 “Custom Mini Game” – Join me and my friends as we create and play some crazy mini games in Black Ops 3. These videos are SO much fun to record and hopefully you really like them too. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE for more videos – Enjoy! 😀

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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A.


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  1. Wish he did another one

  2. 2:25 that laugh doo

  3. Oh yeah yeah

  4. FaZe_Dalek…Hmmmm

  5. I'm back to see him from the good old days without fortnite

  6. If you have bo2 1v1 me my user is OrdinalGalaxy3

  7. 2:25

  8. Map name pls i wanna try this

  9. 6:52 says bad word

  10. He cracked up on this video

  11. I miss good Ali-A when he started pokemon go and fortnite he became 💩

  12. Who else thought it would just be pro/really good snipers vs pro/really good rushers with smgs.

  13. Can't not got it downloaded but I have it

  14. You can go behind that wall run

  15. I’m in FaZe

  16. Wat was the song called when the round is ending

  17. Hey Ali a you should make more videos like this

  18. The game ALI A !

  19. Wiz had gone from ali-a to the sidemen. What happend

  20. Ha 🔪

  21. You are good

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