SEMC announces their new title: Catalyst Black – but what is this game?! | Breakdown + Thoughts


So SEMC just revealed their new title Catalyst Black – this video talks a bit about catalyst black and the genre as well as my thoughts on the game. Catalyst black used to be known as Project Spellfire and has now officially launched as catalyst black.

I actually came up with the name for this game so I feel kinda proud haha. Anyway, enjoy this insight from someone who used to work at SEMC and worked on the early stages of Catalyst Black.


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  1. I am personally excited because I liked how Alterac Vallet played in WoW but I do understand people will compare this VG and be disappointed. I think you're setting yourself up for disappointment if you compare it to VG. This is more mainstream which I think will help it succeed on a wider scale. Vainglory failed because not enough people wanted to play it – simple as that 🙁

  2. Will it be accessible to android users or would it be like fortnite which is only downloadable to iPhone 10 and above ?

  3. FFS, a Fortnite looking p2w game? That's their brilliant plan? Literally the worst most toxic combination imaginable. Besides, that whole hardware limiting the graphic is pure BS. Phones these days are more powerful than ever. There's no excuse for creating a game that has a graphic simpler than vainglory, a came out in 2015. It's a fking disgrace.

  4. Semc really needs to run more than 1 game. Even if the others aren't the best. It could give some disposable income for new projects.

  5. I’m will tell a story to my son about Vainglory. Son, once there’s this Legendary Mobile Game ‘Vainglory’….

  6. I agree with your monetization idea tbh, hope SEMC listen to many people on how this game must go on long term

  7. If they couldn't name it "Spellfire", why didn't they simply name it "Shatterglass" or "Alternating current" or "Frostburn" or something?


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