She picked me up in lambo, her foot on the pedal, I’m nervous but don’t got the nerves to go tell her, she bumpin hip hop and lofi instrumentals, I’m praying I make it to play at Coachella

My future depends on the shit that I say
I’m making a mil and you making mistakes
Say you in your bag well I’m in a suitcase
But size doesn’t matter that’s what your girl say

I’m back and I’m mothafuckin vengeful
Say that you ballin I’m breakin ya ankles
Stop pocket watching your name isn’t Seiko
Checks raining on me like a plan getting cancelled
damn where did they go? Uh uh, where did they go? Uh uh

I’m talking bout the rappers that don’t wanna get dismantled, drip but you short like a muhfuckin candle

I ran through like 7 condoms in the middle of the day, if my mama heard this song I wonder what the fuck she’d say
no not my angel! uh uh, not my angel, uh,
Mom I got the jimmy on I’m setting good examples, least I’m safe with it please be thankful uh

I-I-I-I do not spread it unless it’s a fact, I go out to these parties to bring someone back, I don’t go out to look at you clowns interact
Yall are Tetris a crew full of squares and a stack

I fucked a white girl and her ass kinda fat, her friends are asking what happened to Zack? I looked at her said “you’re better than that” sporting good store man this Dick’s where it’s at

If you fake don’t come to my shows
I will not put no shit up my nose
I got one trick for callin up hoes
If uno don’t work what about dos?
Some tequila, uh uh, gasolina

We just havin conversations don’t get geeked up, got 2 girls in my crib playing Fifa, I-am-Still ballin out in a fragile economy, I am the balance of bullshit and honesty, I got a earring and posted a picture now sex is an art and my bedroom’s a gallery

Spendin some bread on some property
if it ain’t real estate then don’t talk to me
got kicked out for painting my airbnb
I don’t want it if it don’t belong to me

Nobody fucking with me like a virgin, these people telling more lies than commercials, they making propagandas in they head that they could hurt me, what you make in a year is what I make in a verse, man you motion sensitive because cuz my moves’ll make you nervous, she say I’m the one for her because she like assertive, man she won’t even hug you but she suck me like she Kirby, she gave me her name and her number like a Jersey

Rich Brian



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