reset password with Ultimate Boot CD


This video shows how to reset a Windows password using the Ultimate Boot CD. ( Does not work on Windows 8. ) UBCD is a collection of tools which contains Parted Magic and PCLoginNow. It allows you to reset Windows passwords by booting to a live Linux disc. This works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Server 2003 and 2008. However it only works on local passwords not Active Directory passwords. This is a dangerous tool and should only be used legally.

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  1. what a waste of time and resources. the trial version should notify you that you will be restricted to remove the password after you burn the disc. It's frustrating when infact you are not informed, you burn the iso file to a disc, insert it into the laptop before you are informed to buy the software….I won't advise anyone to go this route.

  2. i've came to the point where i come into the Parted Magic system, but my mouse wont react after that, any idea's on how to fix it?

  3. >> Reset Windows8 and All Windows Version Password! 100% working <<

  4. I know what you mean by dangerous. After using this my computer exploded in my face. 3rd degree burns on my retinas.

  5. i try on one AMD notebook the same software and when i get to copy files to ram it starts the yellow dots and is just keep doing that for ever and never boot up

  6. this is what i did i bought a password reset disk off amazon
    then i simply followed his instructions and i was home freeeee

  7. So I ended up trying this horrible soft called win to flash in order to make my usb bootable and put parted magic on it and another tool to help me with that. almost killed my pc.
    Lucky for me I had the iobit softs…. Thanks anyways hope I'll find out what was it that i didn't do right

  8. The pc login now was not found on either ubcd v5.1.1 or the newer Hirens.BootCD.15.2 I don't know which version r u using… do I have to check any ubcd ver?

  9. It might say that, but it works on 7. It's been six months since I tried, but I doubt that MS has fixed it since then. I haven't tried it on 8 yet.

  10. so how does this work for windows 7 then cuz thats wat your on and i downloaded it and its for xp and windows 2000????help

  11. Test out the ISOs on a virtual machine using Virtual Box. If it boots to the ISO, then either your cd is bad or your OS isn't converting it properly into a bootable CD. (Or you downloaded a poor ISO. That's possible as well, but at least then you won't waste a CD on it.)

  12. Bad ISO, wont boot. "Boot failed: press a key to retry…" I downloaded from Do you know of any links that work? I don't want to do trial and error and download another bad .ISO

  13. is there a more clear an concise link to UBCD. I saw a bunch of things to download. Wasn't sure if it was a suite or if you choose your own items. It wasn't very clear to me

  14. Sooo, ummm, where is the PC Login Now app ? it doesnt come with Parted Magic and you sorta left that part out.

  15. @Dimi3ii Hiren's looks like a cool tool, but I'll stick with UBCD. It's password recovery looks more graphical.

  16. @passwordresetisbroke I assume that when reboot into safe mode that you are entering the account called administrator? If you are, I know that trick. It does work on most OEM machines. However if that account is disabled, then you'll need something like this software.

  17. @passwordresetisbroke Though as an addendum, the last time I used the safemode trick was about 8 months ago.

    Possibly it has been patched by now? Though something that obvious, if it hadnt been patched then its probably not now.


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