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Remove USB Flash Drive is Write Protected Error

Remove USB Flash Drive is Write Protected Error

Sometimes portable USB devices get errors like the “disk is write protected” The First thing I would recommend checking is a physical lock on that card or USB Pen Drive, sometimes manufactures provide a write protect lock which will be attached to the card. If this is NOT the case then for your USB Flash Drive, than follow the method in this video.

can’t find the key StorageDevicePolicies? you have to create it manually.
1. Right-click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrrentControlSetControl and select New Key.
2. Enter the name StorageDevicePolicies.
3. Click on the new registry key StorageDevicePolicies and on the right pan right-click, select New DWORD and give it the name WriteProtect.
4. Double click on it and set its value to 0.

You won’t be able to copy files to drive or format drive.

Nguồn: https://scoutdawson.com/

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  1. it's not coming

  2. nooooooooooo … olmadı…

  3. not working

  4. I dont have storage device policys in my reg edit

  5. in 2013 people had same problem with usb lol

  6. 9th video about this problem and nothing works, to all people – if you wanna save time just buy new pendrive.

  7. Didn't work😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  8. This was so helpful. thank you!

  9. Fake, faulty write protected flash disk same result on different PC

  10. thanks a lot for helping

  11. thanks . i tried so hard many times but it ain't work. so sad

  12. eso no funciona

  13. I followed every step it did not work

  14. Awesome i get rid off form this error !! keep making this type of videos 🙂

  15. My usb is not show on my computer than how to formate?

  16. Thank you so much for this. It really helps me.

  17. BIG PROBLEMS : No matter what I do it's always the same thing the usb key still refuses to be unlocked …. I went through "REGEDIT" the same thing, I went through "CMD" still the same thing …. tell me if you do not have other things so I can remove writeProtect on the key

  18. I have purchased NEW SanDisk Ultra Pendrive 32gb USB 3, as soon as I opened the packet and plug the Pendrive into the computer the PENDRIVE is showing WRITE PROTECTED, I am not able to write anything or format it.

    1. Tried using DISKPART————–method failed to remove Write Protection and the current state is READ ONLY.

    2.Tried using EaseUS partition Pro—–method failed to remove Write Protection (error Cannot format disk Write protected)

    3. Tried the Regedit method to change StorageDevicePolicies—–Failed method, Also I don't have StorageDevicePolicies folder, I have created one and set the value to 0 but nothing worked.

    4. Tried UfixII Pny/HP software———-Failed (Device Not found the error)

    5. Tried AOMEI Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition 6.5—–Failed (not able to format due to write protection)

    6. Tried Restore v3.18.0.0——Failed (Device not found)

    7. Tried Win32Disk Imager—-Failed method

    8. Tried Formatter Silicon Power v3.7———–Failed (No device found)

    9. Tried to Unallocated Space from Disk Manager——But not able to unallocated space(Failed)

    10. Tried Formatting through mobile by connecting through OTG cable—–But Failed because of Write Protection Error.

    11. Tried BOOTICE software—-But Failed (write protection error)

    So Finally I am giving up, wasted my 4-5hrs time, but no solution found, watched over 15-20 videos on Youtube, each video contain solution from above methods, especially the DISK PART and Regedit method.

    *So friends final Notes*:- Don't waste time, If your Pendrive is NEW replace it from the online website you have purchased if it is under warranty Replace it from the service center, Else Time to buy the new one.

  19. I can't find registry editor

  20. Hello dear .. please how make 3D Britec cubic on your video

  21. Thank you

  22. Help

  23. On my pc there is no option as Storagedevicepolicies

  24. Waaaauuwwww😂😂
    I was working with cmd but didnt work out….

  25. Can't worked

  26. i do the same thing but when I try to format,it still say this disk is write protected

  27. fuck all

  28. dont working for my xp

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