Rain Sounds at Night | Mountain Forest Ambience | 3 Hours


There is a trail on Clydel Mountain that is said to lead to a collection of old stone pools. These luminescent wellsprings of elemental magic provide an increase in vitality to those who drink from it. Wildlife in the surrounding area has been reported to give off a similar arcane glow.
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  1. When the veil of night entombs the world in darkness, the souls of those long gone shine their lights upon us. They guide us on our paths and keep us safe on our journey. For thou, who shall never be alone.

    Spirits of the night, luminous and bright. May our futures forever be alright.

  2. amazing for reading, i struggle with silence as it triggers my thoughts which if i’m left with them for too long become depressing and hurtful. together with my rats this video is soothing and keeps my moods up whilst i’m reading

  3. puts settings on 2160p60 4K
    Me: Oh my gosh it's like I she's right here! Like I can touch her face…
    pokes Jackie's face
    Me: Just as i thought… whispers …velvety smooth

  4. I love all of your videos. During this quarantine this is all I listen to. It helps me feel relaxed and at peace. Please don't stop making these videos.

  5. Thank you for these awesome Videos, they help me sleep peacefully at Night, when l'm doing my Homework, or my painting, it calms me down and puts all doubts away.

  6. Some of these are the perfect thing to listen to through good headphones at work – very conducive to concentration and not as distracting as music.

  7. As I listen to this calming ambiance, I think to myself, “It’s raining somewhere”. Letting out a sigh of relief and tranquility, I feel at ease for the night.


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