Power A Wireless Gamecube Controller Review and Mod


Power A Wireless Gamecube Controller Review and Mod – Yup, time to mod this awesome wireless Gamecube Controller! Checkout the video sponsor PCBway

Hey Guys thanks for checking out the video! The Giveaway will close on 3/10. Please subscribe and leave comment below to enter into the giveaway. You can get additional opportunities to win via the following methods. I will ship the controller worldwide:

My Etsy page –

Link to the stick converters and shoulder button plugs:

Controller used in this video –

Soldering Tools I use:
Soldering Iron used:
Flux used:
Wire use:
Dental Pick set:
Desolder Wick:

Vacuum Chamber –
Plastilina Clay –
Mold Release –
Resin (smooth cast 325) –
Tin Cure Silicone (oomo 30) –
Platinum Silicone (mold star 30) –
Large Measuring cups and stir sticks –
Small Measuring cubs and stir sticks –
Resin Mica Powder –
Pearlescent powder –
Super Glue with Activator –
Syringes –

Other Helpful Tools:
Triwing Screw drive and Nintendo Gambits –
Basic Multimeter –
Precision Probes for Multimeter –
Precision file set –
Gorilla Super Glue –

Intro – Legend of Xela (@TheLegendOfXela) –

Music Credits:
Intro song by Tristan Lohengrin :

Rymdkraft – Gummi Bear Remix –

Rymdkraft – Vampire Killer –

VGR – Super Smash Bros Remix –

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  1. Hey guys make sure you check out the Gleam link to get additional chances to enter in the description. Unfortunately, YT isn't letting me leave the link here.

  2. It’s a shame the sticks can’t be replaced with the oem sticks because the default ones have worn down horribly fast and usually I have no issues with anything because I take care of my equipment but my controller squeaks now unfortunately the day for the perfect wireless GameCube controller has not come

  3. i didnt like the powerA controller honestly, the sticks got drift like the joycons. I much prefer the exlene controller that i got after that happened. but i have also since gotten a real Gamecube controller and they both feel similar to the original, but the original feels the most quality all in all, but of course it is missing that shoulder button so its ehhh.
    Oh and another issue with the powerA controller, a $40 controller should not lack rumble, my goodness you have no idea how much rumble matters to enjoyment of a game till you dont have it.

  4. Can you make more, I want mine modded. Because I hate wires and the stick and c-stick on these controllers don't feel good. My A button won't press all the way in anymore, these are cheaply made and they would benefit from using actual gamecube buttons. Can you mod the shells as well? Having clear shells would be amazing. Liked and subscribed.

  5. Hey, sorry to come onto a youtube video to ask something like this, but does anyone have advice for getting the motion control to work with this controller? It advertises itself as being able to do motion controls on the box. I've been waiting for this product for days and this ability is shown on the box, with no asterisk to follow it that would suggest this was impossible. My Switch is not outdated in the least and is in fact the latest version, so the only possible explanation for my controller not working is moot. I have the indigo colored gamecube wireless controller, with the Nintendo Switch logo right above the middle four buttons.

    Again, I'm sorry to hijack your comments section with this question, but you seem to know and understand how this type of controller works, while I'm a beginner at using wireless controllers.

  6. I have 1 problem with the controller, the plastic for the grey joystick is kinda cheap, which isn't really a problem by itself, but it's wearing down, and it makes the joystick feel off when you go in a certain direction, and it might eventually break. Also, I don't think that the warranty would be void if you opened the controller, because I think there's a law against that, but I could be wrong.

  7. Why do you have both the tin-cured silicon and the platinum one listed? Is there a preferred one or are they just useful in different situations?

  8. This might be cuz I'm high but the music during the montages sounds like a remix of the gummy bears theme. 😖😖😂😂

  9. i'm planning on getting myself a new switch soon, so it's good to see there's a viable wireless gc controller out rn!


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